Ghetto Results from the Fla. Invasion 2/15--2/16


I’m pretty sure Isaac “raekwon187” got 4th in marvel. BTW Ricky is the comeback king. I have video footage of ricky vs mixup, ricky vs. raekwon187, mixup vs Xecutioner in the winners finals (including the drama) and also the grand finals. Props to X, mixup, and of course to ricky for good performances.


It would have cost me more money that I didn’t have to go so I didn’t go. Had fun in Kuntucky though…


Drama? What drama?



Be my guest and use any of the footage you like. Question is though, how would you prefer I get the footage to you? Do you want me to send you a VHS tape? Or do you want to wait for acesmith5 to encode everything so you can download the matches from there?

If you want me to ship you a copy just PM me your home address and I’ll try and get you a copy by this week.

RoninChaos & halcyonryu:


Seriously, that move is too good. So good that I’ve been playing Alex non-stop since I’ve been home.

If I stick with him you might see me giving out Shockers come March 22nd.

On a side note:

RoninChaos it was real nice meeting you and as always it was a pleasure meeting up with Colin again. Hope to see you guys in future tournaments!


You where there Saturday?!

Gah! I didn’t even see you (I probably did but didn’t recognize you.)! You should have grabbed me a said hello.


I’m looking for MvC2 Finals footage to put up on the WWN for download.

If anyone is willing to share whatever footage they have of the finals please PM me.


This is DrFunk i tied for 5th with Colin.

wtf Siver how u goinna leave me out like that :slight_smile:


Don’t let that fag Colin tell you he came up with the Shocker. That’s a Leigh original.


I don’t know what you look like :o… sorry… :frowning:

I was wearing my BushidoBean shirt… I came in all late in stuff…

Anyway… I have some footage but it didn’t come out well… (resolution is too small)… but I did take some pics.

Here’s one of CJ’s Big Blue with the NY people sigs. :lol:

(CJ the Tie Fighter is just too good!)

Oh yeah… I don’t remember who came in after Ricky… but Aiji I think you’re right.

Ricky is comeback king… (remember the team tournament? Holy shit!)


Gah sorry! Didn’t mean to leave you out like that! :frowning:

Congrats on tying for 5th! Did you use Chun through-out the whole tourney?

And it was a pleasure meeting you as well, I just wish we had a chance to chat a bit more and to get some 3S matches in. My friend got some footage of you playing and you’ve got a real nice Chun-li.

Hopefully we’ll get to meet up again come time for FR6.

Takes mental note

Gotcha. :wink:


Ah it’s alright.

I was wearing a large white button up shirt , with black pin-stripe pants that had bondage straps hanging between the legs. I have ratty looking brown hair.

And CJ’s Big Blue Stick was apparently a real nice stick, do you know if he’ll willing make sticks for a fee? Cause I’m seriously looking for a good arcade stick outside of Mas (too many people have too many problems with them.).


ok…somebody go ahead and reveal the shocker .
What is it ?

Did Sami play anyone other than Chun …lol…that would be funny if he did :eek:



Yeah, of course he played Chun-Li! What did you expect? LOL

This tournament was the first time I’ve ever gotten pissed at a game. My stick kept fucking up, then I played Colin, who’s no slouch, but he’s a fag, and I fucked up, lost, screamed FUCK really loud and punched the table. LOL Classic.

The stick signing was fucking classic.

Silver Gear, I hope to play you again. I was definitely not playing as well as I could, I was tired as fuck.

It was great meeting everybody there, and I had a blast.

Phi, it was a pleasure. You ran a really great tournament and I had a blast. It was cool getting to talk to you and hear about the new york and ATL north scene. I’m going to do my best to get up there to ECC8 with some ATL players. If you guys come down for Final Round and need a place to stay, holla at me.

X, real G’s don’t block. Maybe you’ll get a win in on me next time. :smiley: :lol:

Mixup, let me know when you want to fuck my girlfriend so I can raise your Marvel Child.

Van and troy, thank you for letting us disturb you all night and all morning playing games.

Trent, you still a thug man. You need to settle down. I was mad scared. Ya’ll still some thugz.

Ricky, it was very cool meeting you. Run away Mai is sick. :lol: Stay away from the villagers in Alabama.

Rosh, CLay, Isaac, and that fag Dr. Funk, it’s all about the Villager’s lodge. 5 deep. McDonalds in the morning, Pepto Bismol for dessert.

Arturo, you seem confused when people were clapping for mixup when he’d take out one of the compitition’s characters so let me break it down for you. Gainsville is mixup’s hometown. People are going to cheer for somebody from their region. While you guys may be some of the best in the country, we’re still trying to get respect and prove we have some good players, so people were excited that somebody from our region was doing well against top calibur players. All that “What the fuck are you guys clapping for” wasn’t really neccesary. Try not being such a dick about it next time. It was good meeting you.

Craig, maybe I"ll be able to play you in 3s again without the game pausing every five seconds. I hope the X-ray vision treats you better in the future. Especially when big white people are standing in the way :lol:

Everybody else in Florida, it was great meeting you guys. Come up for final round and we’ll show you how we get down in ATL.

Oh yeah, and when I was talking about being from Atlanta and some dipshit in the corner screamed “I"m sorry”, I’d like to extend a very special “fuck you, bitch” to you and yours. Tell your mother I said hello.


Hmm… I think I know who you are now. Were you there on sunday?

CJ has an SRK name, he’s DJ Trunks (the one that started the Higher Justin’s Mom av).

I swear… Jax can make a living off of customized sticks :lol: I know that MASS’es break easily… mine has been broken for months… but Jax got that life long quality (plus I know where Craig lives :evil: ) I don’t know if they would make anyone sticks for a price… I’d have to talk to them.


Same here Leigh. You’re a real cool guy to talk to and a pleasure to play. And I fully understand, I could tell you were extremely tired seeing as how you dozed off later on that day. Hope you got rested up afterwards.

Take care and see you sometime in the near future.


Nope I was only there for Saturday. Eric and I had things to do on Sunday that coulnd’t be neglected, so we took the 3 hour drive home and got 1 hour of sleep before waking up to haul ass come Sunday.

And I’ll have to ask around in the Florida thread if they make sticks for a price, cause I’m looking for something that serve me well with-out crapping out on me.


How did you do in Marvel? Represent with Dr. Doom and/or Omega Red?


A few pics I took from The Invasion

Here are a few pics I took from the Invasion, I couldn’t take more… since my camera’s card didn’t have enough space. :-/
I also have footage… but like I said… it’s fairly small. if people want me to put that up I will but I don’t want to hear any bickering about it.

Sucks that you couldn’t stay… but priorities are priorities. :wink:

I know a few people in FL that make their own sticks. Most of them are real nice people, ask around I’m sure someone will be willing to help you.

EDIT: Better yet… make you’re own A.South self help thread! Everyones doing it!

In MVC2 I got knocked out the 3rd round :frowning: (by a local friend… Eder) I was really really not feeling well on Saturday… so I was doing fairly scruby… Sunday I felt better and played better there.

Oh ya… I was re-entered because the people who were next day qualifiers from Orlando didn’t come back from Orlando… so I took Eder’s spot… but didn’t go anywere because RoyTron whooped my ass (that’s right ROY not Row :lol:… Roy has got a lot better than when last time I played him)

Freaking people with there footage of my Doom… now they know what to do against him with Sentinel :mad:


A few pics I took from The Invasion

Ha ha, on the last pic you can see the great white hope in the far left corner of the pic with the head phones. LOL

Remember, G’s block with their teeth.

SilverGear, yeah, falling asleep at tournaments is a specialty of mine. I normally fall asleep on some racing machine, but there weren’t any there, so I had to settle for a chair. LOL


this is art…i know that guy…but its like…ppl were clapping when mixup would land a basic combo or do shit like, em disruptor storm out of a hailstorm…i was like, wtf are you clapping for? clap for something flashy, not for that…

anyway i had fun at the tourney…yall are true console warriors :lol:

silvergear, please dont put any matches up of me in 3s, i dont want anyone to see how shitty i’ve gotten in that game. thank you.


Nice meeting everybody again(florida) , and also art,ricky ,and X.
Hope to see everybody soon.

Big thanx go out to phi for running a tight tourney.


You gotta understand that we don’t get the chance to play people of X’s calibur, or Ricky’s calibur on the regular, so to see somebody do well, even doing basic shit, and win is something for us to be proud of considering the stature of some of the players in this tournament. We don’t get this kind of opportunity everyday. The Atlantic south is possibly the worst region in the south due to the fact that we have no arcades and all our players are spaced out. But we have some good players. How well Mike did is proof of that. In general the east coast gets shit on more than anybody. Everybody was excited because Mike and Isaac and everybody else did well against you guys. That’s something for us to be proud of.

We were happy to have the opportunity to play you guys, but your attitude seemed condicending to me. If I took it wrong, then I’m sorry, but that’s how it came off. It seemed like you were irritated that people were clapping for Mike. It’s just a form of encouragement. In my opinion, that’s just a bad attitude to have. Don’t down people cause they want their boy to win. That’s bullshit. Sorry we weren’t clapping for what YOU consider flashy.


i had a fun time at the tourney, mad props to X’s win in mvc2 and Mixups 2nd too! way to go bro!

I got 5th in 3s and that was ok i should have placed better but June and Art got me :frowning:

we tied in 3s :lol: good job in cvs2, and thanks for the ride had a blast

u smell, thanks for letting me stay at ur crib

thanks for letting me crash at ur place too

Had fun, c u at Invasion

send me that trailer nice to meet u too

U knocked me out of 3s :frowning:

Ur a CvS2 BEAST, runnin mai and storm are too good

nice to meet u but we didn’t get to play

like i said it was fun even with small console warrior problems

Console Warriors! :lol:


Like my bald white friend stated, they were cheering for mike because they want someone from the south to do well in the tournament. Your in a southern tournament sir. Where did you think you was? Just like when ricky 1st came over to “The break” to play in the finals against justin in ECC two years ago. I saw the video and the screaming for Justin Wong to beat ricky was loud as fuck. That caused a big beef with EC and WC players at the time. From the sounds of that video it looks like people are clapping and cheering for justin to win. Some are talking shit like; “whoop his ass justin”. Shit like that always happens at tournaments if there is a top out of state or region player entering the tournament in your region. I didn’t see the problem then and I don’t see the problem now. People have the right to root for their friends. What’s wrong with people rooting for their friends? Even if it wasn’t a so called “dope combo” so what? I hope ya’ll are not saying that people can’t root for their friends? I don’t know because I wasn’t there, so i’m not goin to get into this shit. You guy’s represented in everything anyways and i’m sure all of the southern players were happy as hell to play top players like you, art, and ricky. We seldom get the chance to play and playing well against “ANY” top player from any other region.

The bottom line is that you guy’s won, and people rooted for mike to win. I don’t see anything wrong that sir.:slight_smile: We are Console Warriors because we have nothing else in the south.:frowning: All we want is a chance to play top players and earn respect in the community. That’s all sir.:cool: