Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012) (MARVEL Studios Reboot)


Just in case you haven’t heard.

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Nick Cage is back! And it is going to be a reboot, so it will have no relation to the original crappy one. (Which somehow made a 100+ million profit)

Main villain will be Blackout, which is a much better enemy to start with than Blackheart (who was so poorly translated to the big screen).

I expect something positive because Heimdall and Connor Mcleod will also be in this.


im confused why would you reboot a movie that made you fuckin money?! plus cage has been sayin its a sequal for nearly a year…did someone forget to tell him?


Eh, Incredible Hulk was both a reboot and a sequel, so no biggy about that.
I personally don’t care, but I hope this movie will be good…and make it R rated, PG-13 just limits it.


did the ang lee hulk make that much money though?


Probably cause MARVEL said “Hey fuck this movie still sucked and now that it’s back into our hands, we are gonna make it better like we did with Hulk and like we will with Daredevil.”

According to wiki, Anghulk made as much profit as Ghost Rider. About 110 mil.
Which is pretty bad, since that’s what Thor made in a week.
Then again, so did Nortonhulk. But at least that movie was fun to watch.


lololol i like you your funny.


Pretty much this. It seems Marvel is trying to right wrongs with some of the movie properties. Daredevil is tricky because the uncut movie was league’s better than the theatrical cut and i really wasn’t bothered with Afleck as Murdock like a lot of people were. If I was Marvel though, i’d keep Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin if they do use him again.


Totally. Everyone shits on the regular cut, and rightfully so. But the Directors Cut is a whole different beast, but being a huge DD fan, I hold a positive bias towards it. But I will never actually watch the movie if it isn’t the DCut.
In the future I hope they do a Batman Begins type movie for DD, basing it off the Man Without Fear mini. Would be amazing.


The DC version of DD wa worth something? Hmm…I might have to dig into that, wonder which one Netflix has. And yes Duncan needs to stay as Kingpin.

As for OG topic…I love the idea of rebooting…A SINGLE MOVIE haha. I can understand Spiderman or X-men (if htye had the license), but a singular movie that didn’t even hit the ‘rememberable’ knotch…fuck I don’t even remember how they messed up BH, I just remember saying to myself they messed up one of my old ‘mains’ so bad that the movie was dead to me.

And I wsa thinking of Hulk 2 earlier today…YAY. Hulk convict kicking dude was HILARIOUS.

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Hmm how do you think they would explain the outfit though? I need to reread that mini since it’s been a long time since I’ve read it.
Would be neat if they had a scene where he’s deciding on the colours and we get to see him in the yellow one.


I didn’t like Cage in the first one too much, but I don’t like him as an actor in general.


so next year the following comic/superhero movies are coming out:

Ghost Rider 2
Amazing Spider-man
Dark Knight Rises

Anything else?


I don’t remember the outfit part either. But they could modify it a bit. Throw in a villain like Ghul in Batman Begins. Since Murdock just fights ninjas in MWF anyway lol

For real. I’d rather have Depp in this movie.


Now only if they make a good DD movie


Fuck Marvel, hurry up and give me the Ex Machina movie or something based off of Irredeemable/Invincible.




New Line has had the rights to do an Ex Machina movie for about 5 years now. Still nothing.


This is probably going to suck ass. I wait anxiously for the reboot of the reboot, just to see if Marvel truly is incapable of learning.


Ok, Superman. Sorry this won’t be “No Country for Old Men”. Guess you will have to stick to watching awesome DC movies that aren’t Batman.


The wiki says that Christopher Lambert is in the movie. He played connor not duncan.

That’s really all I can say. Nick Cage is a train wreck and the first one was painfully stupid. It might be my most hated comic book movie, as bad as catwoman. Seriously what was the point of some of the fights in the first film. The underwater fight was so awful.