Ghost Rider team positioning?

I’ve been running Ghost on point(CoR)/Hulk(AA GC)/Dorm anchor(DH), and I feel like it’s a good team
synergy wise that could be amazing in competent hands, but I’ve gotten mixed results as far as online matches go, actually more or less even in terms of W/L ratio.

Is there any particular place GR should go on a team such as this one, or is it already optimal?

side note: I have tried Hulk/GR/Dorm at a tourney, got above last LOL,
but I haven’t really used this team in competitive offline play yet.

ghost rider must and should always be first on your team. reason being is because of how easyly he can be lamed out as second or even more pityfuly last.
As of right now ghost rider truthfully is not a good character nor a complete one. he needs chip damage on all his normals, a chain that shoots horizantally and a way to combo off his jumpin h. Not to mention a better way to get around on the ground via a better wavedash so people can run away from him. And also a command throw to open up character who out zone him which are many. placing him any other place(besides first) where he is forced to somehow make a combat without the options(the above mentioned) to do so is frankly impossible at high level play.

Ah, I see. So I’m doing the right thing…
Very well, I’ll run the team I use in that order at Big 2 tomorrow.

Yeah. Character is not looking viable at all anymore.

Yeah I’ve dropped him. Ghost just straight up loses to keepaway and/or teleport characters for free. When 3/4 of the game is comprised of those characters, then whats the point?

Exactly. Maybe if there was still the old Haggar assist you could run a half decent (but still pretty mediocre) Ghost Rider team. As it is though, what the heck can you do with this guy? Even stacked with two great assists it’s a struggle. So disappointed with how this character turned out.

In my honest opinion i think ghost rider is among the bottom tier. There is truely nothing you can do with him, you may win some but consistently no it is far to easy to counter him with almost everyone. lol against vergils all they do i runaway and and teleport when you cant hit them and put you in a fuckin mix-up. then many other characters simply outzone the fuck out of him. Maybe if he had threathening supers like how ryu and akuma but of course he doesnt. You can just advancing guard him and do as you please. To boot he has no decent way around in the air either so you taking a fuckin huge gamble super jumping after your opponent because of that. His wavedash is amongist the worst in teh game even dr.strange has a better wavedash then that.

I will say he does give set-up characters a ruff time like dormmammu or dr.strange(both having no meter) but even they can if they get started just abuse zoning on him.

If you super jump and hit any chain and they block it, your opponent can airthrow you on recovery.

He already been dropped i gave it a far shot but he simply is not viable enough. Just went back to my old vanilla team modok/dr.doom/sentinel…they are all pretty slow but they all have a way to open you up espically modok and doom and they all can zone and get around decently while airborn. All three characters hurt badly when they touch you. so im sticking it out with this team until dlc characters possibly.

Wow…I’m feeling a lot of people jumping ship on Johnny Blaze.

Me, I just picked him back up after a stinct with Hawkeye, and reached 5th Lord with him. I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s bottom tier, because the damage he can do with his chains prevents that to me. He’s more middle-tier, with a reliance on assists. It’s why I’m using Doom’s Missiles and Ryu’s Hurricane Kick. He’s still a great option to stop rushdown characters, and if used right he can be Dormammu’s, Dante’s and others worst nightmare.

As for his positioning, yeah, First. It’s his best position as it lets him control the pace of the match more.