Ghost rider vs rush down

How does Ghost Rider fight rush down characters like Swagneto? Or dive kicks like Wolverine? Any replies would be greatly appreciated!

I’m not sure about Mags rushdown, but I know he can lame out Ghost almost completely, if not completely, with Gravitation, Repulsion and Disruptor.

That hasn’t been my experience. I don’t know why people claim GR has a tough time against zoning. He doesn’t even have to get in. He just has to get 3/4 screen away. One regular jump over disruptor and you’re there.

As far as dealing with threats from above, standing S and/or jumping H have gigantic hitboxes above and around GR. Spire is also good if they’re not directly above you already (Like Wolvie diving in from high up, he’ll go right past it if you hit it late, but it stuffs trijumpers and square jumpers like doom and magneto).

I put up a decent strategy in the GR Matchup thread against Magnus. Against Logan, use air :h: against his dive kicks. Best option.