Ghost Rider wants Vajra or Hidden Missiles?



Hi I’m a new poster here on SRK and I am a fellow Ghost Rider Player. Im having a problem right now im just mixing and trying out random characters with him and I know Hiryu and Doom assists are overall great for him but I’ve been running Hidden missiles alot, but recently been getting blown up with Doom assist and Im not that great with him.

I constantly lose to Dante/Wesker and characters that can just super jump fly Trish/Zero/Doom and rain down projectiles. Im wondering which one is the more reliable assist.

Hidden Missiles - covers the air and tracks and can extend GR combos but leaves doom out long enough to be Happy Birthday’d. On top of that Im mediocre at best with Doom I can do his combos easily just suffer moving around with him.

Vajra - Tracks the opponent and is almost instantaneous but its harder to combo with. Im also kinda better with Hiryu then I am with Doom.

I’ll also try other assists. Im thinking of adding Trish with Peekaboo assist or Even IM Repulsor Blast.

Any recommendations i’ll accept thanks in advance


I’d say Vajra because like you mentioned HM leaves Doom out long enough to be happy birthdayed.


Im not sure if Vajra does but Hidden Missiles can OTG/Extend combos.


between the two, hidden missiles is the better assist for GR.

with vajra you can only otg, hyper, while with hidden missiles you can combo extend due to it being otg.

if you’re afraid of someone getting your doom assist, call him only during your combo for the otg. although, doom missiles is too good to create openings with GR (with any char actually), to just be used as an otg combo extender imo

it’s you’re choice about how you use it really. but hidden missiles > vajra for GR


I feel like you can make either work, missiles is vulnerable in certain match ups and GR is not the best at covering it (short block stings and easily escapable pressure) it’s still great of course, but if you aren’t comfortable with Doom, Strider will do the job. Personally, I wouldn’t worry to much about not being able to convert off Vajra with GR, I feel like the assist is so useful in the neutral game that a character’s ability to convert off it, while not irrelevant is less of a factor. It’s just a great space control assist and forces people onto the ground where GR is at his best.

For other assists I’d consider Dante Jam Session, in fact Dante/Strider is probably one of the better GR shells. Both assists are great, and if your GR get’s mauled (it will happen) you are left with a very solid Duo that can handle a variety of teams and situations.


Dante jam session is a great assist for GR indeed, it gives cover on an area where he has difficulties dealing with pressure. and if you’re quick you can pick the opp.

but vajra i feel will be more of an nuisance for the opp than anything else, GR is neither doom, zero, wesker (…) etc to convert, and if you’re just spamming, it can (and should) be punished. i understand that the idea is to bring the opponents chars to the ground where GR will have an edge, but even so…

if you want to go for broken (not really) you can use a low assist, like wesker’s or deadpool’s and just call and time them with j.S . of course this helps you not on your problem, this is meant for an offensive purpose. (although, if you are attacking correctly, people will be wary and have to defend and will not be attacking as much ^^’ )

another assist to consider is haggar’s lariat. although I have trouble imagining a team with haggar and GR actually working, the lariat assist on itself would be quite useful for GR - for it would be a gtfo assist. mags and tridash chars would have to be much more carefull, and you could even attempt on incoming chars. You’d also have already two chars with a ton of health.

an assist that i myself use is dorms dark hole, after GR otg i use it for combo extender. but can also be an extra wall against projectiles, berserker slashes and the like.


I am trying GR/Pipe/Stryder.
Lariat can also be used as a combo extender plus gtfo, vajra kills zoning.
Although taking out sent makes approaching a bit harder for me:/


Being comfortable with Doom, I like missiles. Easy 700k (before DHC) combo with hidden missile extensions and you have TAC into Doom shenanigans (though these are harder to set up with GR than most characters because of his stupid stupid air strings). I used to think that Beam assist was automatic when you’re playing Ghost Rider, but I’ve had much much more success with missiles. They just lock people down where you can then do an instant overhead S or low+H depending on how they’re stuck or just dp+H for chip+pushback. Vajra’s good, but it’s really good with Doom. GR has no self OTG combo capability (beyond Hellfire,super) if Vajra hits. Maybe you should play GR,Doom,Strider and get the best of both worlds.



whats your combo? I’m new to ghost rider so i’ve been doing
H, H, dp+L (wall bounce), H, H, doom missiles, qcb+L, 1 missile hits, qcb+L, back dash, missiles otg, qcb+L, qcf+L (OTG), qcf+atkatk

thats’ less than 700k i believe. maybe 630? not sure…

also, anyway to connect supers off of qcb+M or qcb+H?


It’s been a while since I’ve played GR; I’m just getting back into him so I haven’t been checking this. I’ll check the damages tonight but it goes like this

:h:, :h:, :dp:+:l:, :a1:, :h:, :h:, :qcb:+:h:, (missiles otg), :h:, :h:, :qcb:+:l:, :qcf:+:l: OTG, :qcf:+:atk:+:atk: mash

or of course you can finish with :dp:+:atk:+:atk: and then DHC into something


Verified. If you cancel into hellfire maelstrom quickly, letting the hellfire otg only hit once or twice and mash it out, it gets up to 702k.

Of course with both missiles and drones you can do this for over 725k:
:h:+:a2:, :h:, :qcb:+:l:, (bounces off of one or two drones), :dp:+:m: (wallbounce), :h:+:a1:, :h:, :qcb:+:h:, (missiles OTG), :h:, :h:, :qcb:+:l:, :qcf:+:l: (OTG), :qcf:+:atk:+:atk: (mash)

I’ve found it much easier to time just hitting the assist button along with :h: instead of trying to squeeze it in before :h:,:h:


And I posted an even more powerful combo with missiles and dark hole (not my invention) in the combo thread.