Ghost Song is the Metroid we need and deserve


"My name is Matt. I’m an artist and designer, and I’m a huge fan of all things metroidvania. For the past year I’ve been planning and working on a game that combines everything I love about video games: Eye catching art, challenging action gameplay, oodles of atmosphere, and emotionally resonant themes.

Ghost Song is a 2D “metroidvania” style game that not only gives players that feeling of isolation and minimalism Super Metroid fans long for, but also delivers an emotionally powerful story. This story is told not through pages of exposition or long cut scenes, but through being in the game, being in the moment, and observing events as they unfold. It’s a highly ambient, atmospheric approach to story that falls somewhere between Super Metroid and Dark Souls in its tenor."

-Large, open ended world to explore
-Challenging and rewarding gameplay
-Precise, responsive controls
-Obtain a range of new abilities to unlock progress to new areas
-Optional hidden weapons and abilities that that are not required to proceed, incentivizing exploration
-Large and challenging bosses and mini bosses
-A slinky, resourceful foe who stalks you throughout the game
-Atmospheric and lonely tone
-Initially for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux, with other platforms possible in the future

2013 gifs:



2014 backer beta:

January 2015 trailer:

May 2015 build with commentary from Matt White:

If any kickstarter game deserves your money it’s this one. Matt White has a clear vision in mind and it’s one any self respecting metroidvania fan should embrace completely, we don’t have much game play to go on but as far as premises go it doesn’t get much better. It’s nice to see neogaf got it backed to its goal, but I’m making this thread hoping you guys back it even more to make this project live up to its potential.

Demon's/Dark Souls Thread. Dark Souls II!

looks pretty good. looks like he is only 500 dollars away from his goal. i hope to see this within the next few months or so. shoulda posted some pics and story in your op of it.


its already funded but I put in money anyway to effectively preorder the game, this takes my kickstarter fundings up to 2



As with most kickstarter games there are stretch goals it would be a shame if GS didn’t meet them, but i’m confident it’ll reach 40K considering last night it was barely over 1K.


-A slinky, resourceful foe who stalks you throughout the game

Good god, Super metroid + dark souls inspirations ANNNND a SA-X attached? SOLD

Also looked at the trailer and it seems…TOO much like super metroid. That’s a good thing personally but…worries me when it comes to copyrights. It almost feels like Nintendo would pull some C&D’s on this right at the end.


Can’t copyright game mechanics.


Mostly I hope it is better than A Valley Without Wind which I snap bought and then was all fuck thissssss gammmmee, be that game but better and we will be fine


Looks nice. Enemies look really nicely done as far as art goes. Ai looks simple and not enough stuff to interact with as far as debris and what not like that one game on xbox arcade called Capsized so it kinda makes it look really spartan but I guess that is the whole atmosphere they are going for huh?

Would love to see it do well and then get a xbox/vita remastered version with even more money thrown into it.


Almost looks TOO much like Super Metroid honestly…


What was wrong with that game?

And yeah I need too see more stuff that divorces it from Super Metroid.


Remember the footage and art available was all done in flash and on his own dime, now he’ll be able to redo everything without the size constraints of flash.

Admittedly it does look like a total Super Metroid ripoff…but it seems silly to me that a fan of SM would be complaining about that especially when such an early prototype has done such a pitch perfect job nailing down the look and feel of SM. Anyways from the FAQ:

Why does the game look so much like Metroid?
This is traced back to the game’s origins. Ghost Song started out, roughly a year ago, as a flash game. I wanted to make a Metroid-like because Nintendo wasn’t doing it (The last 2D Metroid game was Zero Mission, in 2003).

Since that time, the game has grown tremendously in scope, but its basic mechanics and engine are still the same as what I set up initially. The purpose of this Kickstarter is to move the game to the next level. While this means we’ll have high res art, tons of new graphics, and everything will generally look way better – It also means we’ll be rebuilding the basic gameplay mechanics from scratch, and in doing so I plan to make some adjustments to give the game its own feel. We’ll still be “metroidy”, but there’ll be more of a visceral feel. We’ll be getting knocked over or knocked back, enemies will stumble and fall down. It’ll be as if “metroid” got a little injection of beat’em up. The game will still be reminiscent of metroid, but I feel it’ll have its own distinct feel as well.


When I saw the player character I thought it was TV robot from FLCL.

We won’t be getting a 2D Metroid game from Nintendo any time soon I’ll make do with this


I’m not really complaining (Or at least not trying to), hell your right as such a huge Super Metroid fan, and knowing Nintendo has no intention of giving me something like Super Metroid, I find this looking so much like it to be a real turn on…but at the same time it does kind of rub me the wrong way in how it almost looks like a complete rip off of Super Metroid. I also worry that with it looking so much like that it that I’ll spend the whole time comparing it to that game, and surpassing SM is honestly a herculean feat, I worry that it might end up working against the game.

I already have a problem with playing the CV games of this style and not spending the whole time going “Why am I not playing Super Metroid instead?”


I gave my money a couple of days ago. I hope it’s good. I really don’t want to hear crap else about it till it comes out though. Games like these need to keep its secrets close to the vest.


How do you even mix these two games together? Totally different.

Also the guy you control looks more like MegaMan.


^Read the kickstarter page. He explains himself.


This looks like a blatant re-skin of one enemy in Super Metroid, right down to how it moves. I’m all for more games as awesome as Super Metroid, but this might be a little too close to the source material.


That’s what I’m sayin.




I don’t mind rip-offs as long as the gameplay doesn’t suck. I could see myself playing this for a few minutes