Ghost Song is the Metroid we need and deserve


I gave my money a couple of days ago. I hope it’s good. I really don’t want to hear crap else about it till it comes out though. Games like these need to keep its secrets close to the vest.


How do you even mix these two games together? Totally different.

Also the guy you control looks more like MegaMan.


^Read the kickstarter page. He explains himself.


This looks like a blatant re-skin of one enemy in Super Metroid, right down to how it moves. I’m all for more games as awesome as Super Metroid, but this might be a little too close to the source material.


That’s what I’m sayin.




I don’t mind rip-offs as long as the gameplay doesn’t suck. I could see myself playing this for a few minutes


Dat gameplay


I’ve been following this kickstarter for a while and talked to the developer he deserves every penny.


@Boel @furrycurry @fatboy Thanks for the support :tup: Rare fatboy on GD sighting! Hope you’re feeling better, you better be at evo next year.

It’s kind of funny that there have been so many metroidvanias in the past few years but this is the first one in recent memory at least that actually resembles Super Metroid. I totally get the “why play this over Super Metroid” argument, but the answer to that is…because it has a badass art style and it’s new. I feel the same way about SF4 every time I try to learn it I keep thinking “ehh it’s an okay game…but I feel like playing ST instead”…which is why I have a tremendous backlog :rofl:


Becoming an NPC or Miniboss… Sounds awesome!


Looks pretty neat. I want it.


Yea I’ll give it an honest shot when it’s finished, here’s hoping it is a lot more “New” then it looks to be you know?


I hope this gets funding for Wii U. Looks like it might be pretty fun.


game looks really cool.


This would be better if I did not think it was a re-skinned Metroid. Metrovania style adventure games are awesome but this is too similar to Super Metroid.


@owattjacob @crotchpuncha @lord_raptor @cidbahumut @darksakul

Read these posts from the creator:

Now you guys can shutup =P.


That doesn’t do anything to make me less worried, if he had done the pitch with those ideas int he first palce I’d be going in.


Kickstarter page updated with 7 minute video, if you like what you see spread the word and get others to donate!


I thought so too with Shadowrun Returns, then I get a garbage tablet rpg that can be beaten by a monkey.

No thanks, I won’t invest into kickstarters anymore until I finally see a decent game emerge from them.