Ghostbusters comics

Lol please continue the cartoon continuity… I mean, I think the last comic and the new next gen game based on the movies are fun but man I want my characters in different color outfits and Egon with the crazy hair. :rofl: But it is Tokyopop, probably some kind of manga Ghostbusters?

Eh might be fun. Manga Sigourney Weaver will have huge eyes and huge everything else… :lovin:

well the thing is…that artist specifically works in chibish form. ive never seen him draw like traditional people. ive followed his work long before he popped up on tokyopop’s radar. we all used to have art battles on a forum.

I just saw the Ghostbusters sketch he did, and it looks awesome. I’m not too worried.


I wish Tokyopop would shutdown permanently. Their shit is just horrible.

their whole original manga concept is pure crap. just get back to translating mangas and bring back old school mixxzine. that magazine was the hotness.

They have a few good titles.
It all depends on what you like.

I’m partial to RE: Play, myself.

But hey, Ghostbusters!

chick who does re:play is kinda cunty. i got her on lj friends cuz i like her art.

I try not to let that get in the way of liking someone’s art.

Both her accounts were on mine and I’ve hung out with her at San Diego twice now.
I recently deleted my lj because I got kinda sick of the bs.

But she did publish a sketch I did for her in Next Exit without me asking her to.

Their localization is also crap. Ever read the Love Hina manga? Horrible translation.

I meant this one here in his gallery:

And TP’s OEL programs are basically geared towards teenage girls on deviantArt. They’ll take any subpar artist if they think they’ll sell. It’s a job, though, and you have to break in somewhere. D: I’ve been promising myself to give OEL a chance, but I find the “super thin tablet lines with gray tones” style obnoxious.

Actually from what I read, I think that MBQ (by Felipe Smith) is dope. Has all the things I like: Comedy, Violence, and Sex. That’s not bad at all. Besides I like it that a comic book company of any kind is looking to put any new artist on. It only makes the industry better.

Yes Viz Media ftw. :stuck_out_tongue: Viz Media, should become the Shueisha of America. Seriously. We could see games/a bunch of cool stuff here if Viz just owned all the licenses.

ive heard from alot of people their contracts are crap but basically since ur a starving artists trying to get their shit out there artists take them. robert de jesus posted sumtin about it on his lj last year.

jubeh: ehhh i dont like it. rather have someone do a real version of the fan fiction series where the guy basically made a manga esque writing of ghostbusters. shit was years ago but basically all of them gained new japanese esque weapons to capture ghosts…i believe i remember it from when i was like 14.

For the record, MBQ is pretty awesome. You can tell it’s written by a guy that loves (or at least grudgingly tolerates) the place he lives.

Maxx: I’m not big in to manga-fying stuff. Honestly, as long as it’s well written and well drawn, it’s all good to me. Just no random chibi stuff, though. Goddamn, it’s everywhere now.

id fully expect some chibiness since thats the guys style.

Oh yeah. >_>; Heheh.

Edit: I just got a message from this guy on deviantArt and he told me there wouldn’t be any chibis. :rofl:

Here’s a preview of the manga… I don’t think I like it. :-/

You read love hina?

-10 man points