Ghosts n Goblins as an online game!?


Introduction to Ghosts and Goblins: Some tips for playing

I’ve been trying out a new game called ‘Ghosts ‘n Goblins Online’. It’s currently out in beta for just over a week. Some say that its release has been many years in the making. This is especially since it comes after the classic titles from the SNES. It’s basically a side scrolling game that bears some similarities to the game Dungeon & Fighter. In that game, people enter a dungeon and survive until the end against waves of enemies.

I tried out the Archer class and I found that the experience was akin to the Metal Slug series which featured a lot of side scrolling and surviving multiple enemies.

Computer Specifications for getting the game to work

Minimum specifications: dual core CPU, NVIDIA Geforce 6600, Ram 1G

Recommended specifications: dual core CPU 2.0Ghz, NVIDIA Geforce 7600, Ram 2G

These are actually lesser than the specifications required by more memory heavy MMORPGs that are out there today. This is great news for me since I didn’t have to worry about getting a powerful computer. I’ll save up for that system later on. The rest of the information about computer requirements can be taken from the official website. That’s where I looked to check for compatibility.

Choose the class that fits you, then go save the princess

The classes in ‘Ghosts 'n Goblins Online’ are divided into 4. You have the Knight, Archer, Conjurer, and Fighter. These classes can further become diversified after getting access to the job switching option later on. So which one should you choose based on their abilities? Here is a short synopsis of each one:

a. The Knight is a melee character that uses a sword and is capable of continuous attacks. This class allows you to perform counter-attacks followed by a powerful single blow. Add that to some hefty vitality points and you have a walking tank that is capable of taking punishment. It is slow in both move speed and attack speed though.

b. The Archer is the classic long-ranged character that excels in dealing damage. This is the one I am currently using since I like to be far away before the enemy mobs can close in on me. The interesting part is the mobility granted by the character. Personally, I would recommend it for new players, especially those who want to get the hang of combat.

c. The Conjurer is the equivalent of the wizard in other RPG games. While the attacks are slow, this character is capable of handling multiple opponents with the use of different spells. This is useful for quicker stage clearing and enemy killing. This might be better for leveling up as well. Keeping tabs on your mana is the key to survival.

d. The Fighter is the damager melee class. It has limited range compared to the knight since it relies on knuckles as its weapon. To compensate, there are abilities that can affect enemies from beyond melee range which makes this character a great harasser even at early levels. (So far only available in beta)

Changing jobs in a nutshell:

You may change jobs if you so choose to do so. Be warned though that you have to reach level 15 for the job change to be done. Visit the witch, Miraki, in town and take her quest. You can do skill initialization when you change jobs.

As for changing jobs, you can change jobs if you visit witch, Miraki and take a test of seed after reaching level 15. All the skill initialization you can do is the initialization at the time of changing jobs. Remember that the higher your rank, the more experience and Lits (currency) you will get.

My own experience:

Like I mentioned earlier, I am focusing on an archer build. I really enjoy it since it has high mobility and can move around stages pretty easily. You can also focus on the attack speed and take down enemies faster and more efficiently. This is really a great class for soloing missions and training. However, I realized the hard way that I am not as tough as the other characters. This character is fragile and its best to keep your distance when taking on enemies. Shoot, run, then shoot again. It’s the basic strategy for keeping them at bay. Sometimes, you may think that swarms become hard to handle due to the sheer number of enemies. You can remedy this problem by taking skills that knockback your enemies. This way, you can focus on attacking those that come closer, one at a time.

I know that the character classes are very different from each other. But, I guess that’s the beauty in playing as a party later on (which I might cover in the future). I admit that I am a beginner but I have had experience with sidescroller games before. So I guess I have an idea on what to do here. I’m thinking of what character to use next.

What class do you think I should try out next? If you would play this game, what class would you use?


I love this game! this is such a great idea :slight_smile:


This is awesome! Loved this game before. The game before was extremely frustratingly hard. But thanks to your review, the game now I think is a lot easier than its predecessor.


this game is so much fun and easy… how come it frustrate you??? hmmmm.


I was referring to the old game.


oh! I see… sorry :slight_smile: yah i believe in 2hits you’re already dead…


Well, this is certainly unexpected, any word if they plan to release it on consoles?