GHSF Presents: All Out War: First Attack - Results Thread

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to everyone who came out. Event shoutouts to come shortly! Video’s should be up before wednesday.

Super Street Fighter IV Teams Results

2 Army of Two
3 We Old You Looser
4 Fuck Fight Money
5 Basement
5 Front Row
7 Free
7 RXS’ Free Ride
9 400 Dollar Frame
9 Nick/Mikey
9 Brantford Pownz You
9 Italy

Super Street Fighter IV Singles

1 JS Master
2 Blitzman
3 Patrick
4 Saco Jericho
5 Gerjay
5 Rebelo
7 KillaCam
7 Peter
9 Aerials
9 Ian
9 Koizumikun
9 DaDesiCanadian
13 Duelle
13 KSharpie
13 ItalDaniel
13 Rodrico
17 Diclawsus
17 M0ng00se
17 Pho
17 CQ
17 JED07
17 AvariceX
17 JesseJabz
17 RXS

Thanks to everyone from the tournament yesterday, especially RSX for being awesome and taking me out to Boston’s afterwards. Thanks in no particular order to Diclawsus, Gerjay for the few casuals we could get in, Rebelo for the close MM, Paul for Viper practice, Marco for being a fellow Honda lover, the Ryu guy I played 20 or so matches with (didn’t get your name), Kelly, Zach, and Superbeard (Scott?). Also, I didn’t get to play you, Desi, but you seemed like a really cool guy and I hope I can play against you Abel next time. I’ll be in Waterloo in two weeks for the next tournament, see you then.

I ended up taking a nap on the way back in one of those carpool parking lots because it starting raining like crazy and I couldn’t see anything, and I woke up three hours later. So now I’m home and I need to sleep, but I’m not even tired.

Is there a bracket available? I know Diclawsus won at least one set so he shouldn’t be in last unless there were a bunch of byes and he missed out on them (shitty luck XD)

GGs to those I played.

Almost forgot; I haven’t been to Pownz since the re-opening with the new setups and I gotta say the custom cabs are godlike. Good shit Pownz.

I forgot to mention my car got searched at the border on the way back. The guy said I had a “cool controller”.

was that you with the custom honda TE?

Why did they search you!!

And the that the folly of tio system. People can lose and place higher than you. It also can give the illusion of more people being at a tourney than there actually were…but anyways…

Seems like JS takes the money again…

That’s me.

Apparently their system randomly picks people and I was the lucky winner.

These are not full results right? I heard four of my friends went and got wreckd but I don’t see their names on the results for singles.