GHZ av request (limit is 5)


GHZ av request

Um iam making avs. I can make you a real crappy one or a nice one.
things i will do:
-animation but not too much (i only have 20k to work on)
-sprites on avs(limit to 3 sprites or less) and if want me to do a sprite i can’t find normally you will have to send me it
-if you don’t like it. oh well
-i make crappy avs on purpose so if u want one, holla
-i will even take av whores
-i will even make custom sprites for the av if i feel like it

work so far (during this time)
5/5 (no more request at this moment)


Rock doing a raging storm if posible can u make the storm yourself. So it look like a beam comeing out the ground a cool effect thanks man


gotcha. it’ll be done by tues



hey how bout joe doing his fighting stance thats if you want to make thanks in advance


pick up up top

aiight shiz youre next. iam having an av itch so it might be done later on tonight or tues



yo may i have a chipp av plz, try your best work, don’t worry i have paitience.


<------- i make my own av also, lol:cool: :lol:


Can you maybe answer this request that Ive had out for a while?


k, gotcha guys.


ok pickup at the top guys.

maiden, yours is next


thanks alot, ur a true artist helper, peace


is my av being done? i see you have five already.


yea i got you it’ll be done thurs


pickup, couldn’t fit both pics it would looked too cluttered


Thanks, its hot.



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