GI: Custom Stick Builds, Markham ON, Canada


Just seeing if there’s interest for people who are looking to buy custom sticks locally. It’ll be quicker, no online payments etc. everything can be done in person. If you like you can hang around and learn how to build as well.

It’s been a little while since I’ve built or modded anything so I’ll have to catch up with what’s going on now a days.

ATM I’m working on 4 joysticks, 2 purple hearts, 1 maple, 1 mini 6x9 stick out of oak. Will post pictures once completed.

As title says, this is a general interest thread so I’m not selling anything atm.

If you’re interested in getting something built in the near future, need some modding done, or just curious to learn to do it yourself, you can contact me by email. <> and we’ll set something up.


i have a half finished 2 player stick, would you be able to finish it for me?


I would be interested since I’m in Toronto. Would be great if you can post some previous projects you finished and some price ranges.

Custom case with full parts
Custom case only
Cusom case with dual mod

etc, etc


my laptop died out with pics of previous stuff.
I’m currently working on a few sticks and will post pics once finished. Should be two weeks from now it’s a busy month for me this month.

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what do you need done and how far along is it? If you could give me details on what you need/want I’ll pm u a price and lead time.

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Here’s my current stick which I’ll be selling when I finish my purple heart.

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Prepping an ls33 for one of my builds. Will be 1-5/8 in height :slight_smile:

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Sneak peek at a prototype.
Whats a plexi glass?

Used 1/8 plywood which is made up of 6 layers of 1/48 veneer.

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Ultraslim anyone?

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