Gi! from snk capcom

just to follow the idea of sharing pics between the two forums…here’s my setsuka

here’s a bigger version

whoooaaa thast hot man. welcome to srk! I’m going to make an snk capcom account soon and post there. My main crit for this is her legs are a tad too long. if you have her heel midpoint on her lower leg that’ll be perfect. the upper and lower legs should be 2 heads high. Right now they’re 3 heads high, if you make them 2 2/1 heads high it’ll look long and sexy w/o looking overdone. overall excellent job, hope to see more!

Beautiful coloring job, I agree with dreaded fist though. Another thing is that your hands should come down to about your mid thigh. The umbrella looks a little strange since it doesnt look like it’s attached to her or being held. And it creates an odd tangent since her outfit barely overlaps it.

But I’m being really nitpicky cause otherwise its really quite nice. :tup:

Hey what’s up Gia. Glad you could make it over here. Love the pose and the elegant soft colors. Very nice!

Yeah i agree with what others have said so far. I think you could use some sway in those hips to give better movement and pose. The shoulders, from what I see, can counter the hip movement a bit of a forward lean.

Other than that i really like the work you put into the umbrealla. 2 thumbs up.

Her right shoulder looks weird, and her big toe is… too big :frowning:

Other thant he long legs thing everything else looks great! Good job on the clothing.

welcome to the board, Gi! :slight_smile:
nice and very detailed, as per your usual.
everyone before me covered any crits I might have.
looking forward to more from you soon.

two simple sketches…

I like dat.

looks like the umbrella is falling out of her hand…