Gian Recital 5vs5 Tournament tomorrow (Stream)


This year’s big Gian Recital 5vs5 tournament will be taking place this Sunday at 2PM (Japan Time) – Sunday 1AM (EST) – Saturday 10PM (PST) and will be streamed at:

The who’s who of the Japanese ST world will be there. Some of the confirmed names who have pre-registered from Mattsun (a number of other players will be showing up who have not pre-registered yet including Kusumondo, kuroppi, XSPR and more):


Kawamuta, Kurahashi, Sashishi, Shiro, Shinshin, Sugahara, Sasori, Dai, Futachan, Ron


Shigaken, Choushu, Mattsun


HaruKING, babynine


Keishin, Yamakofu


Akablanka, AFO, Komoda


Suzuki, TMF, Pony


Kikai, Kotaka Shoten, Tsunoppi, TZW, Yoshio


KKY, Suika

T. Hawk:




Fei Long:


Dee Jay:



Noah, MB, The Superstar, Numa


Opemai, Kondo, MAO,


yaya, Nidaime (O. Sagat)


Taira, YuuVega

For more information (in Japanese), visit the Gian Recital website at:


Gian Recital 2013 Results:

Kurahashi Ryu
YuuVega Dictator
Keishin Chun-Li
Opemai Claw
Futachan Ryu

Mattsun Ken
KKY Dhalsim
Tsunoppi Guile
Pony Zangief
Kikai Guile

Kusumondo E. Honda
Shogatsu O. Honda
Gunze Zangief
Murasaki Dictator
Yomiai Ryu

MAO Claw
The Superstar Boxer
Shigaken Ken
Fujimon Dee Jay
Yondaime O. Sagat

Sasori Ryu
Komoda Blanka
Sashishi Ryu
babynine E. Honda
yaya Sagat

Toutanki O. Hawk
Yakitori O. Hawk
Hiroyan T. Hawk
Masato Boxer


hahah thanks for this post, it was difficult figuring out who was who on the stream TEAM 4 THAWK was best team obviously


Will they upload a stream/archive of this event?


The archive is still at their twitch page I believe.


Gian Recital was awesome- fantastic finals, cool to hang out with Kuroppi again. There is a particular match of Kusumondo vs. Kurahashi@Ryu that Kurahashi won, however, you can witness a brutal onslaught of Honda that was just so amazingly aggressive despite such a strong opponent. I plan to use that particular round as a prime example of making a case for the importance of matchups- Kusumondo lost the round, but the skill is hard to ignore. But in this tournament, Yoshio’s Guile beat my Dhalsim (no excuses for that!), Tsunoppi’s(I think it was him? were a bunch of top Guiles) @Guile beat Yondaime@S.Sagat and Pony@Zangief beat MAO@claw. btw Kuroppi, above I think Yondaime is listed as Nidaime). Huge thanks to Kuroppi for recording all the names- might not seem like it but it’s a lot of names to keep track of just for top 8. After a full day of trying to get in matches and keeping up with the tournament itself etc it’s taxing. Gian’s Recital usually gets those high entrants numbers, about 100 entrants each year.

The pre-/ warm-up/ day-before tournament on Saturday was also really cool- and another good chance to meet up and play a lot of the people that travelled from outside the greater Tokyo area. I did manage to get the names of players and teams on the bracket (I think this was also streamed as well?). Here’s that info:

Nオア, MOR, ツカ on team あっせんチーム which lost to

team 青春: Yodaime@S.Sagat, Fujimon, SuperStar@Boxer
in the first round,

team 国際交流 MAO, Yomiai@Ryu (usually darker blue) and XSPR
which won against
team ChoshyuOreHage (of players Choshyu, Ore, Hage )

Team 17cm of Nakamura@Cammy, Haruking@Honda and Kurosu won against

team Deddona: guna, shinshin, Tomoga

Team Mukadeningenn of shiga ken, tsumura, gotoh@Ryu beat
team Hokunokara from Hokkaido: Korosuke, Yuuzuru, Alabamaman. Either Korosuke or Yuuzuru wore a hat that said Fuck the World.

17cm (Nakamura Cammy) went on to win. Oh snap, it just hit me- has that happened before? A Cammy winning a tournament? btw Haruking was the guy that won a tournament I placed 3rd in at the LasVegas Arcade in Ikebukuro years ago. Kuroppi saw him at this year’s Gian Recital and mentioned he looked like that guy in an SNK game (KOF? maybe) who is named Duck King but I never made the connection.



The only recent archives on their channel are random freeplay it seems.


I’m pretty certain the videos will be uploaded to NicoNico at some point.


Wow, that’s awesome. Pony is indeed a GOD. I really have to check the footage ASAP. Not much footage from the top Giefs against hyoubals out there.
BTW That made my day.


It was pretty ridiculous. I was loudly cheering at my keyboard. Millertime thought I was crazy. Pony seemed to pull off the impossible.


I don’t understand what did he do to counter wall dive?


Incredible play all around but the stars for me were Pony (defeating MAO), Tsunoppi (being red hot for most of the tournament), Toutanki (pulling off a couple of great comebacks), Kusumondo being Kusumondo and Shogatsu making it look easy to beat shotos!


He used jumping strong if I remember correctly but it only worked twice I think but he chose the right moments to do it. He played so patient and I think there were a lot of mind games he was playing. He got perfected the first round and basically didn’t try to counter anything.


Seriously Japan 5 winners? Why don’t they fight each other? What’s with this “everybody’s a winner” pee wee mentality? Why do people even team up in ST in the first place? What’s it supposed to prove? 3v3 is bad enough, but 5? Really? /rant


From what I remember that first round, it seemed like he tried blocking it a lot (an accomplishment in itself?). Besides jumping strong (the chop move, right? I guess it’s not jumping jab to stay out longer?), he also had to use jumping fierce (swings his arm out sideways). That didn’t always work because you have to get the timing right as well as the guess. I asked him right after the match why he didn’t try more of the chop one (strong), I think you kind of have to anticipate (guess) when claw presses the button in the air to spread his arms (so maybe if claw presses it earlier you can hit with fierce hard punch, if later have to try strong/mid punch). Considering the timing though- I mean I’m not a gief player but I know that walldive moves across the screen horizontally so fast- I’d have to confirm in TRUST but I wouldn’t be surprised if it came down to having to time it on the right FRAME. And maybe even THEN, you’d still maybe have to “roll with the punches” for the most part to compensate for wrong guesses and just hope for the best.

And yeah, everyone there reacted like eltrouble after he managed to pull off the win.

I played MAO a bunch of games and never even got close to a win. There are tons of technical layers to his game that I couldn’t even get to much of a strategy battle at all whatsoever. Saturday’s tournament was smaller and not as crowded, and he was more vocal, helping set the theme for “MAO Rush” and at one point vigorously encouraging players to “throw 'em!”. Superstar@Boxer was also on that other level for all the games I played with him- I don’t think I’ve ever beaten him in a single game, if I ever did it must have been years ago. and Kuroppi’s right about the Honda players- didn’t hear much about Babynine nor Abebin much but Shougatsu and Kusumondo blowing up so many good Ryu’s maybe everyone’s just used to it now.


A combination of mind games, j.strong, well-timed j.fierces, and about 3-4 psychic lariats to beat Claw’s pokes. The first round was literally Claw doing wall dives over and over and over again in a very predictable fashion, and Pony didn’t seem to know (or bothered to show) how to counter it. I wish the vids would be up soon.

As far as the 5 winners go, they play as a team, they win/lose as a team. I think 5 is a bit excessive, but I suppose with the number of entrants they can get for ST in Japan, it’s quite feasible. Personally, I love team tournaments.


Ah yes, I totally forgot about the psychic lariats. That was incredible stuff. IT was like he was channeling HDR Gief’s lariats with those. :slight_smile:


completely ignored every post in this thread because I don’t want results spoiled for me, someone please link the stream archive of this awesome sounding tournament!


I guess they prefer teamwork than showing off one’s ego. I am jealous about it because I think it’s a cultural thing I wish I could feel more comfortable doing myself.