Gian's Recital Tournament (Apr 18th 2009)

Last Saturday (April 18th) was the latest tournament in Gian’s Recital at Mikado. It was a 3 on 3, and I entered with Charcoal and a Japanese player, Takakawa who’s got a good ryu. It was definitely the place to be for anything related to Super Turbo.

The entire floor of the arcade was packed with top players. Two head-to-head ST setups were used in the tournament, and I think four more ST’s available for others. That floor of Mikado also has the Vampire Hunter games (I forget which versions), and a few were playing that but just about everyone else was there to either watch the tournament or play ST. I got another chance to see the big names in Tokyo, as well as finally meet people from GGPO in person for the first time.

Our team played against Denki’s first. We managed to win --well, actually, Takakawa did all the work this match- however I totally won the rock paper scissors contest to determine which side got to choose P1 or P2. So my contribution to the “team tournament”… --was pointless here, nevermind.

While waiting for the next round, someone commented on this one hot chick walking around. There were actually a few good looking ladies present, but someone managed to bring one in particular, who was in a short plaid miniskirt. I think it was one of the Hawk players (K?) but I’m not sure. It was notable because-- well, besides that fact that any female was brought into a smokey arcade on a Saturday night-- absolutely NO one was paying any attention to her at all. Not just for like 15 minutes- I think she was there for the better half of two hours, at least, with all the guys staring only at the screens. This is one of those things that would only happen in Japan. Some other foreigners there had the same reaction, it just wouldn’t happen outside Japan.

The next round, we had to face a team with Pony, Mattsun (Mtsun), and I think Tsunoppi. We got through their Guile, and I actually managed to beat Pony’s Gief but it was close. Gian was commentating and even said I had some good plays that match-- very high praise from the Dhalsim master himself. Mattsun was after Pony, with his “read your mind” Ken. I didn’t stand a chance.

There were lots of great games in the finals. Gian’s team came close to winning, and I’d say Gian was favored but got upset by another Dhalsim player, actually so his team got 2nd. I suspect there was some plain old underestimating going on during the final round or two- most people familiar with tournament pressures have been there, but the other Dhalsim held it together. I think another highlight of the tournament was when Gian faced Pony’s team, or a team with another good Gief. The Gief player beat one of Gian’s teammates, and they stood there trying to decide who would face the Gief: either Shiro (ryu) or Gian (Dhalsim). They went with Shiro’s Ryu first, so Gian would be back up but if Shiro lost, Gian would have to take out the other player(s) too. Which is totally feasible, cause in the warm-ups Gian was crushing everyone. But I imagine the thinking was that, if Gian went first, he could likely beat the zangief but not the next opponent. Anyway, Shiro won the match vs the Zangief and also went on to defeat that team but it was a good match. Later on, I asked Gian to confirm the Arcadia magazine ST character ranking chart, that put Ryu slightly below Zangief. He said that yes, it was close, but Zangief is very very slightly ahead of Ryu in that matchup, of the two. (Personally I can’t quite see it yet- Zangief definitely has the tools with the lariat, and low roundhouse but I still feel like it’s a rock paper scissors match at worst for ryu, as long as he’s paying attention… but what do I know.)

1st place team “Dragon”:
Noguchi fei long, Hakase, YuuVega (dictator)

2nd place team "Mikado’s Last Box of 3 Guys"
Gian Dhalsim, Shiro ryu, Taira (dictator)

3rd place team "The Usuals"
Pony zangief, Tsunoppi Guile, Mattsun Ken

Oh- I saw hd remix for the first time, got a good look at hitboxes (is there one for the yoga flame or I just can’t see it cause of the color overlap? should have made fb’s hitboxes too, in green). Some of the artwork looks nice but what the fuck is up with Fei Long’s nipples?


Good job beating Pony’s Zangief. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t easy at all. Noguchi team won? Who was he using? Claw or Fei? It’s amazing how alive the ST scene still is over there.

Did you use Sim or Ryu vs Pony ? Thanks for the write up.

sounds like the place to be, good read.

GGS man!

only one thing to add, the sagat in our team was hitsuji and not yaya.

See you on GGPO :slight_smile:

thanks for reporting. :tup:

I want to go to Mikado now!


How do I get to Mikado? =)

ST heaven. Gian is God and Pony is St. Peter.

I miss Mikado.

And Japan.

And ST.

Ditto. If you wanna split a hotel, I’m down for a vacay.

Damdai, update the fuckin’ 2df!!

With what? I will look into adding megadrive support when I get some time. And the pcsx thing.

me too

i miss seeing u drunk at mikado
to funny

Can I tag along? Never been outside Narita but I figure it should be an interesting experience.

^ American team at the Gian Recital 5on5 main event!

Not even joking. Think about it, fellas. (NB: its a few days after Evo I think)

There’s some video from this mikado tourney here (lower left):

The last time I went to Mikado was two years ago. There was some pretty ridiculous 3rd strike competition. That arcade is hot.

Noguchi has used Claw in tournaments, at least the ones I saw him in but that was over a year ago now… I want to say Fei for this one, but I can’t remember exactly, I’m sure someone knows. Denki?

I used Dhalsim. Our Takakawa’s Ryu couldn’t quite manage to beat Pony and he likely has a much better Ryu than mine in any case. It’s sim’s advantage, but sim has to do everything right because once he gets in, about the only possible counter vs. a good zangief is reversal teleport. Dhalsim has a bunch of anti-airs- just none as reversals. Similarly Dictator gets shut down for the same reason- no reversal anti-airs vs. gief. I think for Dictator the escape is to wake-up-brute-force-fill your super meter (reversal scissor kicks or something that will get Dictator hit, but once he has his meter he can reversal to escape the insanity… Different is good.

GGS! and d’oh!! about Hitsuji… I knew it was Hitsuji, I thought he was also yaya-- I now see a completely different photo on Nohoho’s site in Sagat players’ section to confirm. :slight_smile:

It was so packed that night on the same floor, one of the 3rd Strike machines was playing ST and if I recall, I don’t think anyone was playing 3S. A few people were playing the 3 Vampire Savior/Hunter games but everyone else was there for ST, just about. The CVS2 machines were not there, I think newer games were in their place like maybe Blazblue or something.


Hi Mr. Dhalsim.

I’m Vernon, the player who played against your team in the first turn. I was in team with Leonida (verzaverde) and Hitsuji.
I’m also the guy who totally messed up with the rock paper scirrors contest against you lol

Btw that was a very great event, and i really enjoyed the atmosphere around these tournaments.

Oh the girl with miniskirt was outstanding :lol:

Now i’m back in Italy, my trip is just finished. But i’m looking forward to comback very soon (i hope).