Giant Bomb's SF3S Online Edition Quick Look

Check it here:

It’s got Seth K in it explaining the game.

EDIT: Oh snap, Simon Viklund remixed the music. Didn’t know that.

Thanks. Not really anything new but it was still cool/entertaining.

At around 18:30 minutes in they talk about the online. What’s interesting is that you can setup lobbies and follow Evo rules and ban specific characters…

LOL Genei Jin shadows still don’t show up on a capture card??

HAHAHA dude I was thinking the same thing. as soon as someone did parry and there was no blue I was like oh what is this.


I like GB and all but damn Brad and Vinny whiffing all of those moves… :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably because the vid and the game operate at different framerates. Common issue when recording 60-fps games.