Giant Two Player stick and Round 1 XBox TE for sale - Toronto

Hi Guys,

I’m selling some of my arcade sticks to raise money for a charity event that my church is running. Hopefully I can sell these since I don’t really play video games anymore and these are just collecting dust.

First up is my Catwoman modded round one TE for the Xbox.
-LS-40 seimitsu stick
-Sanwa buttons
-art can be changed back to the original TE art.
Asking $OLD!!

Next up is my Giant two player stick. This stick is 50 inches by 12 inches. I will NOT ship this stick as shipping would cost more than the actual stick. There is some damage to the bottom left corner of the stick and some scratches in the bottom middle of the stick. There is maybe 1 hour of play testing on this stick, has not been used other wise. I can change the art on the stick if you want for $40 dollars.
1st player side
LS-36 hybrid stick
White sanwa snap in buttons
Paewang PCB - compatible with Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

2nd Player side
Sanwa JLW stick
dark hai sanwa snap in buttons
Toodles MC Cthulu board - not dual modded but will throw in an XBOX 360 pcb and imp for 20 dollars
Asking $225 O.B.O

These pictures taken prior to damage in a nicely lit room, new pictures were not that’s why they look a little dull.

Man im interested in both but im not local. Good luck with the sale

Do you happen to live in the Bay Area, CA?

Sorry. I live in Toronto, Canada

Man that 2 player stick is beyond huge! did you put it on a table, or was it used on both laps on the couch?

Chuuu can you part with that hybrid? For a FRIEND? =)

Definitely interested in the TE, I am local (Hamilton) but would you be willing to switch the art for me?

Catwoman TE stick has been sold!

Sorry my friend, removing the hybrid would totally destroy the art.

price drop on the giant case - $250 --> $225