Gief Girl's SF4 tournament results UP Phila, PA 2/20/10


Result for the Tournaments
1st. Sanford
2nd. Kevin
3rd. Magman
4th Demon Hyo
5th Kyle
5th Dr Chaos
7th Eric
7th Kattemari
9th Jagrog
9th Dave 2J
9th Pete M
9th Anthony A
13th Ebbs
13th Matt D
13th BT
13th The Champ
17th Brian D
17th Ben
17th Gief Girl
17th Jeff K
17th Avery
17th Kyle H
17th Nell
17th Skye
25th Dennis
25th Kannon

Thanks to everyone for coming out

BTW i found out there were more converters here about an hour before the tournament started, so i’m going to get those put in so people can use their own sticks or pads if they want to next time.


gs mags n’ jags


Goodshit Sanford/Kevin and goodshit to magman you surprised me there… not to sound weird or anything but you make young(old now) blood proud. :wink:


heh. wish i couldve been there. nice to meet you dez. its kenny by the way.


Yeah, I missed out. Got home from the bi-weekly real late like. When I woke up, I was busy all the way to midnight. Good shit though!


Great Job D&E.


Thank you everyone for supporting the scene, it was fun playing games this weekend - regardless if SF4 is getting dry.

Sanford - Congrats on yet another win, consistency is hard in this game and you pull it off. Good chillin with you, always hilarious times around ya.

Kevin - I"m convinced you got the best Guile in the country, very good shit.

Dr.Chaos - Blarg!! You should have stayed with Akuma vs Ryu, you had me done!!

Demon Hyo - Special shout out to you bro, I just realized that EVO will be the next time we meet. Thanks for being around the scene and being chill.

Kattermari - Thank you so much for letting MD/VA crash over. It really helped me out personally on my wallet, and it was a very nice place to game up and be around. I’ll try to come to Philly whenever people from here are going :china:

Gief girl+other guy - Thanks for the well-run tournament, good times for sure!

All other Philly players - Nice to hang out and press buttons, see everyone at Winter Brawl this weekend!