Gief knowledge

Oh oops… I made the last post off the top of my head while I was at work, so a few minor things might be incorrect (such as being able to just do KK Lariat while on the ground while in dash mode.

lk xx Lariat seems to come out quite fast though.

And for the SJ thing… I could have sworn that when I do super jumps with HP going up, that I had dash mode when I landed. I could be wrong though. I’ll get back to you on that when I get home though.

Yeah… Mech Gief is pretty pwnage. He shuts down both Magneto and Trap Teams… great defense against rushdown… Move him up a tier or 3 on the tier list plz!


Hmm, I don’t think you can even do KK lariats in dash mode either, which is bizarre.

I also tried switching to reg. Gief with the glitch to see if it carried over, but no dice. Weird glitch – I can’t think of any reason why it gives you the wave dash only when you do an attack specifically during the ascending portion of your jump.

Too weird. I’m wondering if any other character can screw with dashing properties…


Ya you’re right about SJ working as well-- i was doing an attack on the way down or something and cancelling it.

My guess which is probably about as good as any other guess, would be that they didn’t take out the command dash buttons for him (obviously), and just slapped the Lariat command on top of it (Especially apparent when you can hear Normal Gief’s dash come out when pushing PP). Being Mech maybe slows down how fast the Lariat comes out, and yeah… don’t know where I’m going with this haha.

Here’s the rest of the write up with the video:

Mech Gief’s greatest fear is Cable, and only Cable in my opinion. Against everyone else, it’s easy to DHC out, or simply tag out, and build meter while waiting for the opportunity.

-Tagging in Mech Gief vs Storm (note: Not tagging in another character while Gief is on point against Storm):

Not the most useful thing in the world because it didn’t work as well as I’d liked during the short time I tested it. But basically, if you see Storm begin her hail storm, you can tag in Gief. Gief has a greater chance of being able to punish her than anyone else. If he gets close enough, he may still be able to knock her out of the super even after taking a couple hits. However, often times the hail will begin before Gief can get close enough and he’ll end up taking all the damage, and then Storm can just float away.

-Alpha Countering into Mech Gief Ground Assist:

Especially useful against Sentinel Hyper Force, depending on your character order you can alpha Counter Gief in, begin FAB, and then DHC out to Cable to punish Sentinel. This was kind of shown in the video, only without the alpha countering. This is kind of just a more guaranteed way of having Cable punish Sent Hyper Force, without having to risk the pushblock punish, or alpha counter Cable straight in and hope you can punish with a well timed AHVB. The downside is that Cable comes in doing the hyper viper beam on the ground.

-Sentinel Mouth Orb Sucking Property

Okay so I’ve been testing this out a lot in the past couple of days, and I’m going to come out and say that it is completely unavoidable and pretty much broke if you do it right.

The way I was doing it in the video, with Sentinel DHCing straight into Gief, is avoidable. If the opponent push blocks between the DHC, then they stay in pushblock animation when Gief tries to grab them… no good.

In order for it to be unavoidable, you need to have Sentinel on point, Cable as secondary character, and Zangief as third character.

*Catch the opponent at the middle-top edge of the Mouth Orb as seen in the 1st clip of the Sentinel Mouth Orb in the video (maybe a little lower) (it’s also fine if you catch the opponent in the middle of the Orb, just wait until they get pushed towards the edge of it; it’s just harder to time to get their momentum directed to the ‘sucking property’).

-If the opponent pushblocks BEFORE you DHC, then DHC into Cable anyway, and allow the opponent to fall into the beam (or catch them if you need to), then DHC into Zangief. The opponent will still have their momentum directed towards Zangief. They will not be able to attack or air dash out or anything.

-If the opponent pushblocks BETWEEN the DHC, then again allow them to fall (or catch them if you need to) into Cable’s beam, and then DHC out to Gief. Their momentum will still be directed towards Zangief, and they won’t be able to air dash out or anything.

-If the opponent does NOT pushblock (it’ll be too late to pushblock if they don’t do it between the DHC), then don’t give them another chance to push block. DHC to Cable, and immediately DHC to Zangief before Cable’s beam comes out. They will fall quickly into Zangief’s grab before they can attack or air dash or anything.

You’re eliminating their pushblocking opportunities, or catering to them so that they can still be sent flying into Gief before they can attack or air dash. In other words, you’re keeping them in block stun until they hit the ground, and not allowing them to be in block stun when Gief is going to grab them.

This works with every character. The most difficult to get it to work on is Storm because she can control the speed at which she falls, which makes it tricky to catch her. Also, she needs to be caught really low in the Mouth Orb, because she can fall slower than everyone else. I’m not sure if Sentinel can fast fly out of this… probably not though.

Crazy useful… guaranteed damage against a super jumping opponent. The only downside is that it costs 3 whole meters. But hey, 3 meters for a large chunk of guaranteed damage, which ends with your battery character on point is pretty good.

Thanks for the further breakdown. I’m not convinced its worth it for 3 meters, since there’s some easy 2-meter stuff thats pretty near guaranteed. Maybe there’s a failsafe way to get the mouth orb vacuum with 2 meters to be found… not sure.

The easiest 2 bar setup I use is with Magnus/Gief. From a launcher to air combo you just do Tempest xx FAB and they drop right into it. You want Tempest to wiff so don’t even worry about doing Hyper Grav. AFAIK it’s inescapable. It’s bizarre-lookin-- the super flash from Tempest makes them drop very quick and FAB vacuum grabs. You can set up a similar situation by doing Tempest xx FAB from directly above a grounded opponent.

With Sent you can, IIRC, create a similar scenario with QCF+PP in the air, DHC to FAB. I seem to recall that working well when you can anticipate that they will stay grounded.

Metal Gief works wonders with these bc he grabs through even more things.

Yeah 3 meters is kind of costly… but the thing is that with the Magneto Tempest to FAB, it seems like you actually have to land a hit in order for it to work, to be able to launch them (but then again, you are Magneto, where landing a hit isn’t too hard), whereas for the Mouth Orb DHC thing, it works on blocking opponents. Except for maybe the Tempest on a grounded opponent into FAB, but I’m not too familiar with how easy that is to set up because I never play Magneto. That’s really cool that it works through something going on with the super flash though.

It’s debatable as to how worth it eating up 3 meters is though I guess… I just recall seeing a lot of match videos where Sentinel will go through like anywhere between 2-5 meters of Sent Hyper Force, Mouth Beam, Rocket Punch, Sent Hyper Force, Mouth Beam, Rocket Punch (repeat) just to chip the enemy down (especially on Storm), and if the chip damage seems to be worth 3-5 meters, then I’d say that the Mouth Orb, HVB, FAB is probably worth it.

Unfortunately for the QCF + PP in the Air for Sent, and then DHCing into FAB, it can also be push blocked between DHC to avoid grabbage.

As for the 2 meter mouth orb to FAB, it does seem to be able to be reliably escaped, unless the opponent doesn’t know that they have to push block between the DHC. But if they do, its really easy to do on reaction and avoid the grab. The only other way I can think of to do it is to catch the opponent really low in the mouth orb and minimizing the time that they have to react, but then they also tend to land too soon and can jump right out of the grab.

I think that vid is going to be my last vid for a while… I think I’ve run out of creativity for now haha.

That’s smart regarding Sent’s chipping with meter versus the damage from the FAB you get. That put it into perspective for me a bit better.

Understandable with takin’ a break, but overall Beastly vid-- has me fired up to finally borrow a camera long enough to make something cool.

Bring that cam to your next session though and grab some footage, match videos are slim pickins for ZAGnief, and no editing required. I’ve got a grab bag of random giefness to unleash in combo vid form so hopefully I don’t slack off. BTW what did you edit yours with?

I used Adobe Premiere Pro 2… way better than I needed to use to make that video, but its all I know how to use lol.

I’ll see if anyone wants to record my possible upcoming small money match against the trap user… kind of embarassing to ask someone to record because it screams nerd all over though!

But before that money match happens I still have to get my new stick, get comfy with it, and then challenge the dude… he’ll likely accept though. =)

By the way, I’ll be looking forward to seeing some Tron/Gief Mag/Gief or Mag/Gief/Tron goodness!

Seems like you and me are the only ones currently furthering the Giefness =)

Don’t think this has been mentioned but you can get tag in combos from giefs standing Hk - unf. he has to have his back directly to the wall.

You can do s.Hk 2hits - tag in sent on big characters like collosus and amingo. Not sure about cable.
Might be able to do j Lariat cross up, s Hk juggle into tag.
Something to look into.

mech gief breaking trap teams…on point? he has that kinda momentum where he can actually get in and survive? and breaking which trap teams? lol sounds like an interesting find

i mostly enjoy using gief for 2 reasons:
1.) as an assist- throw resets for crazy dmg
2.) as an assist- mech gief lariat!!! :slight_smile:

Probably useless, but you can transfer the dash mode from normal gief to mech gief.

The set up is the exact same way with normal gief and everything still applies; you can jump/sj. special, super, snap, tag out, dhc in/out, etc and keep the glitch. Normal attacks and crotchgrab/headbite will cancel the dash glitch setup for both gief and mech gief.

Also, as long as you’ve done the set up for the dash glitch, you can special attack all day-lariats, throws, command throws, air command throws, banishing flat, snapout, tag out/tag in, DHC, and still maintain the dash glitch for mech gief as long you dont perform any normal attacks or the crotchgrab/headbite at any time.

Noticed that too, not useless at all. I’ll take what I can get- Gief needs every little bit.

I meant that Mech Gief breaks trap teams with the Lariat assist, not on point. :wgrin:

However, against the Spiral trap, Mech Gief vs Spiral on point, you can just blindly go in and try to pound her to bits. The only problem is the circle sword attack, being that you’ll have to take about two full hits of those before you can get in. The damage seems to even out when you land a hit on her though. Also you just have to watch out for the Sentinel drones because those kind of hurt a lot. Just jump over them or bat them away with Lariat. Once you get in on her though, she can only run away.

He also seems to work pretty well against the Strider/Doom trap because Strider has to be up close most of the time for it to work. The only problem is that Mech Gief takes a lot more damage defending against this because very few Doom Rocks get cancelled by Gief’s arms. Also the gaps in the attacks seem to be smaller so being able to call out Gief assist while under attack is a lot harder than against Spiral. I don’t think the opponent should be able to get out more than 1 cycle of the Strider/Doom though.

Oh yeah, another one of my favorite things about Mech Gief assist or even on Point is that you’ll never get your ass snapped out and relaunched to death!

hit ranges

I’m still too lazy to make a vid, but I just wanted to reiterate that Gief’s jumping lights have gross range and good priority vs. tri-jumps at proper spacing. LK overheads most anybody as well.

Rofl, booty shot!

So, hardcore Gief’ team: Fox, you say Mag/Gief/Tron?

Mag/Gief/Tron : Mag/Gief is harder to get your 1 hit, but once is gets going it has resets you wouldn’t see coming. Mag/Tron obviously boss tactics.

Mag/Storm/Gief (Team Food Poisoning aka MSG) : Mag/Gief gets easy whiff Tempest DHC to FAB, then you DHC to Hailstorm for Free life.

Gief/Sent/Tron : arguably the best team for Gief on point. Sent on point starts to get awkward with no projectile support though.

Gief/Tron has one hit death set-ups, so that duo can win matches easy.

ECZangief plays Mag/Gief/Tron

I play Gief/Cable/Sent, it works pretty well, but my Sent game is really n00b.

Gief Useful Normals

s.LP: 4 Frames. sometimes a decent jump-check. the classic chop counter.
cr. LP:** 4 Frames. Good for tick hits.
s.MK:** 6 Frames. iirc its SJ Cancel-able.

cr. MP: 8 Frames. Launcher.

s.HK: 7 Frames. Actually one of the faster s.HKs. SJ-Cancel at ~13 Frame according to Joo’s data. But I’m certain there’s a second cancel spot either just before or just after. Causes good block-stun, cancellable to AR Slam for easy pressure/momentum.

s.FP: slow as hell. 14 Frames. Good priority, stun. Very useful for chain-cancel tick into SPD.

cr.FP: 12 Frames. AFAIK is same stun in less time, so a better bet than s.HP.

j.LP/j.LK: 6 Frames. Both good air pokes/jump checks.

j.HP: 11 Frames. Good priority when meched.

sj.HP: Especially useful bc neutral Fierce will not cause forced-dash after Fly-screen.

j.f+HP: good range and priority. Best mech move.

j.d+HP: best cross-up.