Gief knowledge

Random tidbit that I did in casuals. Not sure if its known or not, but if you’re at the peak of the attack zangief’s command air grab will beat out a tag in. I have it on video as well, so I’ll try and put that up when i get the chance.

:rofl:, thats pretty good.

hahaha. wow.

good to know.

LOL. I dont know how reliable it is, though. Probably not very unless you’re telegraphing a tag in and then it has to be perfect timing. It was just a random thing. I was play gief/cammy/doom vs my friends santhrax. I had storm locked in between gief and doom’s assist. I went for a crossup FK air command throw, but that left an opening for him to tag in sent (storm had a pixel of life). Sent comes in, I grab him, and then slam him into the rocks.

EDIT: OMG, I just watched the video again and its actually my 'gief air throw ASSIST that grabs sent out of the tag in.

post up! interesting team, i’d like to peep that.

Here it is.


thanks xphil! airthrOWNed lol i got ahold of a camera finally so i’m gonna put together a little somethin today i hope.


bump : ]

that gief shit was savage :rock:

vol. 2


love seeing shit like that. gief ron is coming up, watch your back.

Dang, Gief’s been getting spoon fed the good stuff recently!

Very nice stuff, EC.
I have another 'gief vid in the works as well. More UFAB set-ups and other random solo and assisted combos, mix-ups, and stuff.

Here is a short vid with casual highlights. [media=youtube]1-ThIlV3jXI"[/media]

nice. i like your team.

So I got a question for ya’ll giefers…

Air PP Lariat vs Air KK Lariat?

Is there a difference between these two moves’ properties? I can’t seem to tell any difference… except for when trying to do normal jump, HK xx Lariat…

With PP Lariat it comes out fluidly and I’m able to do it without any pauses between each jump, but with KK Lariat, I can’t seem to get it to come out smoothly, and I can’t build meter as fast with it.

So, could it be different move properties, or difference/uncomfortable in execution for me?

I’ll have to mess around a bit with it, but off the top I don’t remember noticing anything like that. I almost always use KK during low jumps/x-ups bc if you botch the timing and do a ground PP Lariat, you just lost the match. I’ll play around tonight with em and see if i can help you out. :rock:

Schweet, To be more specific, here’s what I’m noticing:

HK -> PP Happens really close to the ground, and you can rejump really fast to do it again, like demonstrated in the meter building section of that Gief video I put up a while ago…

HK -> KK After the HK, Gief goes much higher before touching the ground again.

I’m really just thinking that hitting HK and then PP is a lot smoother and easier to do than hitting HK and then KK, allowing you to stay closer to the ground. Yarrr

So, I was playing Akuma/Gief today on XvSF in the arcade…is there no way to somehow fit Gief’s infinite to work in Marvel? Likely not since there is no longer knock-down off of air lariat?

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you can do it vs. assists. thats pretty much it. if you played gief/doom you could do a few reps with rocks backing you up.

corner infinite is fun though. theres a vid on prep’s site

Oh yea. I remember that. lol genius assist use