Gief knowledge

Just adding that after the ARS if you are low enough to the ground you can do lk, mp chop (just before landing), D/F hp, sj lk, mp chop, 360.

Practiced on magneto and cyclops.

Also if you get an ARS onto drones in the corner you can do Lk, Mk (Just before you land), ground PP lariat, s LP, 360
Easy to land the Lp after the lariat.
Works on cable too.

Did not know that. Thanks mang

Smells like an infinite setup to me

Zangief Bug?

I was wondering if anyone could explain this.

In the corner:

a)s.FK [2 hits] xx FP banishing flat (whiff) xx FAB


b)Snapout opponent, FP banishing flat into empty corner xx FAB.

What happens is you get the the FAB grab animation and Zangiefs grunt, but there is no super flash or meter used. I know its not a SPD because you can’t cancel a special into a special. Also, the SPD doesnt cause Gief to grunt. UFAB will come out though, with the flash and meter.


Thats actually really weird sounding…

ill test it out a little and see if I get anything.


curls mustache

I’m thinking maybe is because he is in the corner and has no where to travel? But you can do a regular FAB into a naked corner and it’ll still come out. So, maybe it has something to do with the cancel of the FP BF xxx FAB?

A glitched out super cancel is new to me…I dont know else to describe it though, and Im getting the exact same results to a T.


you get meter like a reg. whiff SPD

you make a grunt like FAB

you recover as if its a whiff FAB (faster)

I tried to DHC, but that didn;t work. Wouldve been beast.

I’m trying to figure out what happens if they get grabbed. Maybe hitting the assist to HK xx Dp FP xx FAB, then catch a point landing from a sj. Lol?

I guess the question is, how do we make this useful. Otherwise it can be an IN YOUR FACE1!?! move that 3 ppl will maybe think is funny.

you can do it as a flashy mixup out of infinite. lol

I want to ask magnetro if he knows anything about this and why it only works in this situation.

also, why doesn’t it work with UFAB?

it dont look like you can get grabbed by it. I think its just the ‘miss’ animation and not an active grab. Actually makes sense bc afaik theres not really significant startup anyway-- if you see a whiff spd its always a miss haah.

yeah but its stilll only limited to smaller characters - on cable you can only follow up the first lariat with Lp,Hk, 2P lariat, then land A1+A2 or maybe squueze out another LP into lariat.

Basically just saying regardless of the set up you still can’t do the lariat inf. on mid/big characters.

Also with the ARS onto drones, Lk,Mp, land D/F Hp combo… it works easiest on commando for some strange reason.

you can do it on magnus, tron, psylocke off the top of my head. Man-gus is the tallest I can think of. Who am I missing?

I think Commando has a funny hitbox with his feet. He takes longer to hit the ground is another possiblilty.


Since then, I’ve found some ways to get the infinite against everybody who matters, namely Psylocke assist. It lets you pick your proper juggle height and then you can go to work. Still, imo infinite is good only for 3-4 reps tops. It could be that more practice with it changes my mind, but as of now my limit is around 15-20 hits before I miss the juggle.

Sketch for vid;

Gief/Psy is a dumb duo, plain and simple:

*Anytime you get a jump-in hit, cancel j. Lariat, rejump LK+Psy xx lariat. Ambiguous cross-up into dead state.

From there you can rejump into the same BS.

*From a Psy hit, for flash/ to move into corner you can do jump, late LK, LK, rejump LK, LK xx Lariat, land walk under Lariat.

This does funny things with the momentum since you cross them up, but after the move animates from original side. So when they’re done being juggled, they pop back over you and you can OTG with Roundhouse relayer ground cover assist.

*Psy allows for enough rapid mix-up potential that it becomes profitable to work in some of Gief’s flashier mixups. This is the main difference btwn Tron and Psy for me. With Tron I’m always gonna keep it simple and work 2-3 setups over and over just because its easy-mode relayer on block 90% of the time at the proper range. But with Psy the dead-body effect just gives you more time to freestyle from oddball setups like whiff TK SPD for late overheads, elbow drop to create a setup where you and opponent are waking up simultaneously (pretty funny), whiff TK Lariats, ARS over and back etc. etc.

Still looking for Gief rejump infinite and some primo assist kill setups for some common vs. MSP/SSC/godtier situations.

zanGIF is the muthafuckin champ?

<space holder for some realness>

I miss teh gief discoveries and giefdom-ness… glad you’re still keepin it real ECZ!


I thought you were droppin bombs again. Oh well. What’s been good hit me up on AIM sometime.

NEC gief teams have me running all kinds of stupid assists:

Gief/Monkeys is patented:

Cross-over Splash xx j. LAriat, land, jump LP, j. LAriat, land walk under call Monkeys, x-up standing PP Lariat, monkeys hit… chaos ensues.

Can carry them half the screen and if you wind up in corner, infinite should be free. Midscreen you can finish with PP LARiat xx FAB with option to DHC if you read a faulty grab coming or rejump LK, LK x2, jump LAriat mixup into into same garbage.

Random high-tech set-up:

after a lariat juggle, sj + FP throw into Psy…

… lk, lk, rejump

… whiff 360, floaty overhead

… knee drop whiff late lariat, Okizeme mixup

Helper Infinites:

[Launcher, LK, LK xx Lariat, land]

[j.LK xx Lariat]

[j.LK, j.LK]

[j. Lariat]

Lariat assist is also interesting when it comes to creating assist kill scenarios. Drop it to catch a falling AA, then you have a 1-shot chance at getting a snap, or mixing up into a combo that lets you poke away for a rep at assist and land with another 1-shot.

Jumping lariat over and over will juggle helpers to infinite?!

yo homie, was fucking around with a low tier gief team that fits the rules and I came up with gief\akuma\sonson or other AA. Akuma is on expansion assist.

it similar to tron but it does miss super small people like mega but iirc, it still hits marrow.,, srk+lp\fp,

@ this point, akuma is still hitting and gief gets to do w\e really. Finishing off with a lariat, cancel 360 hurts for easy bnb. The FP lariat will cross through the opponent on hit so you essentially get a sandwhich setup on hit. Also on characters that can’t dodge that expansion assist, it turns into tick 360 setups.

thought the gief\akuma expansion was decent for him to work with.