Gief overpowered?

I’ve heard a lot of whining about gief being overpowered or ‘broken’ from some players.

is he?

Yeah he is, that’s why he has 10-0 matchups against all of the cast.

Not really. Gief can be beaten by any player who knows the matchup.

yeah, if you know this match up, its all good.
my only problem is when im using abel and im cornered,
its like half my life gone till i get ex meter.

gief is not overpowered. if you know this match up, then gief will have a hard time, if u dont, gief will be all over you giving you the “illusion” of being overpowered.

couldn’t have said it better.

Amen brother. Let’s nerf that Russian Mother-lover.

what exactly do you think could broken about him?

He is overpowered, that’s his thing! lol, but it all depends on who he is fighting

nahhhh . . . he isn’t i think. i haven’t had an easy match in a long while using gief. I think Sagat seems to be overpowering too from what i’ve seen

mmm ok

i’ve had some trouble vs gief… but im getting better at exploiting his weakenesses… the guy has a walking speed of a tree! lol

Zanglief vs cammy feels impossible for me if zanglief does db:sad:

Gief is OP against a few characters,and has a bad matchup or two, but pretty much even with most, IMO. Usually the better player will win, but occasionally you’ll get the lucky random lariat spam crossup Gief nub that will win.

If Zangief had a fireball, MAYBE I’d say he was overpowered. But he doesn’t so he is not. It has been decided. GONG

well, as an abel player, he is the only char that stops every mix up chance abel gets, and mixing up is abel’s thing. he can dominate this match by doing ultradavid optionselect splash, spamming lariat, beating out pokes, and wack wheel kick with ex banishing flat. it’s a real match up from hell.

I main Gief (90% of the time) and I feel a lot of people really don’t know how to counter a Gief…

My point being: there are so many flowchart Ken players, Ryu’s and even more sagats that the chance of encountering a Gief is actually very small. In 2 hours of play, it is rare to have encountered more than 2 Giefs.
This imbalance leads to a situation where very few people are actually trained on how to beat a Gief!

Overpowered? Please! I beat Giefs when I play dan to relax!!! Don’t tell me I am the only one!

It just comes down to playing the proper matchup strat!!! there is a lot of info on SRK to make you a Gief killing machine. just take your time to train those strats: ask a Gief to spar once in a while. i have several XBL friends who do this and eventually it becomes a thight match.

  • Sure, scrubs spam lariats because of the priority, but heck, anyone in his right mind knows how to punish this!!! Again, read the strats!
  • Sure he has a high damage output and high stamina, but his options are also limited! A good cammy (canon spike from hell grrr) or a strong turtle ryu still gives me a VERY hard time! (not talking about the match up from hell: Sagat or Blanka)

No, playing a gief ain’t that easy… but rare are the players that really know how to make things difficult on a Gief, leading to the misconception that Giefs are overpowered.

It just comes down to one thing: people do not want to admit they need some “quality time with gief” (the easy way). To beat the Gief, you have to understand the Gief (the hard way).

So instead of avoiding us, ragequitting on us, thrashtalking… just invite us for some sparring and ask some advise. We don’t bite… Blanka does!

Not so much overpowered as he is Lag-friendly.
When you’ve got half a second of input lag, it can be pretty hard to pull off Lariat punishments.

Still, just boot 1-bar players and all will be good.

Zangief seemed hard when I first started playing and he is pretty strong compared to the other characters. But, he’s slower and get’s somewhat easier over time. Anyway, I learned to stay away from him so he doesn’t grab me…

Most of Giefs bad match-ups are top-tier characters you see often in tournaments. It’s a tough character to play.

I think alot of things have to do with this, alot of players online arent really familiar with the matchup. Gief can thrive in laggy games.

Gief has a big advantage over certain characters, but by no mean does he hold that over the whole cast, so i dont think hes overpowered. and this is primarily against characters that need to get in close to deal damage (I play dan, believe me I know).

you cant make mistakes against gief, you have to resist the urge to do something risky. Ive been downed many a time by a gief, i had a big lead on ultimately doing something stupid (that wouldnt be that bad against anyone else) only to have geif pop out an ultra and even up the match or kill me.

He is frustrating but not overpowered, I think most of the people that would complain play characters that are particularly at a disadvantage.

Gief matches, especially when you cant toss fireballs across the screen to pressure him, is a grind and tedious. Most of my gief matches go damn near to time, because hit and run is the name of the game. For the love of God when you get a life lead make gief come to you. If you can maintain your composure, play it safe and steady the whole match you should find yourself winning more gief matches. The proof is in the pudding, i would say 80 percent of my losses to gief involve me losing rounds from a decent life lead, due to doing something stupid because I get impatient.