Gief player looking for training against Guile



Greetings fellow fighting comrades! I am a Zangief player looking to get some more experience against Guile. I’m from Oakland, CA and can play on both PSN and XBL whichever is your preference.

Thanks in advance!


i could train with you i don’t get to play a lot of geifs myself but when i have i’ve done mighty well…but i been around the block made around 4800 bp in my time current i 3200…now ill play abiut 10 sets with you…my gamertag on xbl is ADV3NTBL4D3Z


I have an A Zangief and a B Guile. I’ll play you on Xbox or PC any time you want. I’m also Canadian. My Xbox Live name is the same as my forum name.


add me gt:sideshow20


add me my gt OG Swiizy i’ma B rank guile