Gief Questions

As a guy who usually plays as Alex and Hugo in Third Strike, and played mainly Gief and Long in SF II Turbo, I want to ask a few things.

1.) Is it really worth using Banishing Flat to gain distance in SF IV? I’ve never had problems using an EX-Flying Suplex, but the Suplex has proven to be risky as fuck against Bison players.

2.) Speaking of Bison players, does Headbutt have priority over Bison’s gay as fuck Superman dive? If not, how the hell am I supposed to engage a turtling Bison player?

I’ve been using a gimped PS2 pad, or the analog stick on the pad, for the past week or two, so it’s been awkward trying to pull off a 623 notion, but it should be fun trying to adjust to my new stick that comes in today.

Learn the hand. I never used it much in Alpha3 but here its quick. You gain good distance. Its about the length of 2 dashes. EX Bear grabs are dangerous.
As for Bison, yea the Headbutt beats a regular stomp. As does WALKING back a step, dashing back, etc into 360. if its an ex he tends to go through the headbutt and often not even hit you so you should be ok in that case as well.
If you block or eat it, if he follows wit the dive punch you should be able to EX hand him.
If its just the d,u+P I believe you can FADC the punch part.

Man, u shoulda been using that hand in Alpha 3. It was SOOOOOO good then.

It’s the corner stone of any nutricious beatin’

If timed well you you can destroy fireballs AND gain distance
Actually, in SF4, greenhand makes Gief a rather “fast” character
i use green hands constantly as a means of moving faster whenever I can (mainly to keep up the pressure as I am a rather aggressive player)

on sagats this can b really important as when u have 2 blocks of ex, u can get pretty fast through his fb, dp (or tiger knee) spam

most runaway akumas can instantly be punished on the start of each bout by 2 successive greenhands because the 2nd hits them when they come down from their air fb (be warned though that some kumas are somewhat smarter… but it usually works)

You can also mixup Green hands/dash/walking/lariats to totally throw your opponents spacing and timing on stuff like scissor kicks and rekka’s

Is this a general question thread?
I am still wondering how the hell to do that super/ultra input.

He always jumps when I try to do the input.

Poo on your stick to lube it up. Makes 720 input faster.

Or just do the commands in the air if you are just learning.

master the standing 360…its just a yoga flame with a tiger knee at the end. this turns your 720 into like a 600. Start off training by

  1. Neutral jumping into one
  2. LVL 3 FA into one
  3. Tick into it (
  4. Tick into it (cross up knees)
  5. Tick into it (c.short)
  6. Empty Far RH (works great on ducking)

By 6 all thas left is a standing 720…GL on that - I can’t do that shit heh.

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Yes, be using the jab-GH to close distance.

Pretty much always be using it after a knockdown. You then have time to crossup, standing spd, (if you think they’ll jump back). All sorts of options.

Also very useful for passing under crossups. If you time it right, you get a free SPD.

If people are playing a very grounded game, you can often sneak in a buffered Ultra out of the jab-GH.

Don’t forget you can also dash/whiff grab/taunt into 720. Buffer the inputs while doing those things. You can buffer from pretty much anything that gives you even the slightest frames of staying on the ground.

I have more like a strat question:

You know these jump-Ken players: They poke, they run, they jump in the corner…
I can’t seem to find a decent technique to get through once they are jumping in their little corner. Whatever I try, they kick me out of it with a jumping kick… I tried wiating a fraction of a second and then greenhand or something but it usually works only once…

Anyway, it would be really helpfull if some Gief could show this Gief how to whoop these bird wannabes asses!

standing rh…just stand about ex GH distance and when they neutral/back jump…just stick it out there…then take a step back to reset the situation.

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Great! hope I find a jumper tonight and RH the sh*t outta him :stuck_out_tongue: