Gief Standing 720 Tick Setups



Been playing around with the standing 720 and I’m curious as to what some of your guys tick setups are the tick-ultra I

Currently I’m only using:

cr. short > half circle-forward(buffer) > cr. short > u/l or u/r to d/f (buffer) Ultra

Wondering what some potential setups are for it.



honestly man, it’s what ever your mind can think of… because you can do splash then do it, cross up then do it, in a any block string or any combo, you can break it up and do it. So it’s truly how creative you want to be. Because with some set ups they only work on certain characters because of how good their wake up options are.


Has any 1 tried this, say Ken ultra 1 or Ryu ultra 2 whiffs you gief taunt 1 into super/ultra? I mess up if I crouch jab or lk so I just block taunt and go into super.


people have been doing that for a while


I haven’t tested escapeability extensively fir both ultras, but I think you can cross jump at the misses in the air, buffer, and execute during their recovery on the ground.

As I said though, hAvent tested it, but I’ve never missed it either…


Final_Round666 hit the nail on the head, there are so many ways to have a 720 in the works that it is worth it to just play around with every setup that you can; some will work, some won’t. Some people will never fall for the same setup twice; others will just keep eating it over and over.


I have to agree with the guys above, I myself have been doing a lot of experimentation and I’m having a ton of fun.

Don’t forget, you can also buffer super/ultra from back dash/forward dash. I find that this is highly underrated, but Vangief makes awesome use of it. I’ve seen him face an Abel, force Abel to whiff U2, back down and land the ultra. Though Gief’s slow ass dash is better used against attacks with heavy start-up/recovery.

st.lp/ can also buffer it relatively easy. For me, it’s a bit similar to the charging concept. You’ve got some limits, but a variety of ways to get the move out from certain situations. Try baiting your opponent too. :wink:



You set up U1 the same way you would set up any other SPD. There isn’t anything special about the setups, per se.


I been using this set up since vanilla, 2 CR Jabs whiff normal throw in front of their face, during the animation 720.


video for standing720

??? - ???720 - ?? - ??? - ???
??? - ???720 ??? - ?? - ??? - ???


It’s my goto for DP punishing (not jab variants obviously…)

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One of the set-ups I enjoy is whiffing a low short through them a split second before they completely wake up and then Ultra. It doesn’t take long to learn to buffer it at all. Of course you can’t just do it outright and expect it to have a high chance of working, you have to have been hitting them with jabs and shorts into EX Green Hand on their wake-up to have a chance at getting them to sit still and “block” your whiffed short.


I just do a standing medium kick into Ultra.


Some basic examples





Hiding a 720 in a whiffed spd is risky


lol porter what are you talking about?


I watched like the first 4 seconds of that video posted above mine and at first he whiffed an SPD, then went straight to ultra


he did a standing 720, it had nothing to do with the whiffed EX SPD he did earlier.