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:slight_smile: just egging a response

OMG! I can’t believe you mentioned my name in a combo video! I’m honored!

My DC died a while back and I haven’t been able to record anything in a while. I do have some Gief + Tron/Doom/Thanos/others ideas and combos I’d like to run by you sometime. Maybe you’d want to put them in a video.

BTW, I have messed around with your gief/wolvie(bone)/thanos team a few times and its actually pretty fun. Here are somethings that I’ve picked up while playing. I won’t go deep into strategy, but I’ll stick with some simple combos and mix-ups. I also like using bonerine’s ground slide assist for some high/low mixups as well.

…Mech Gief does wonders for this team!
-Mech ground assist will eat through your opponent’s assist/point character easily, which is is great if you have someone like thanos on point who can easily assist kill if you have meter. Also, if you hit both characters, its a free snapback > assist infite for an easy kill.

-(Mech) ground assist sets up a lot of decent combos as well. While you can use regular gief to set them up, I prefer using mech since, if they block or your whiff an attack, the gief assist stays out for a long time, beating out most of your opponents assist that they might throw out. This sets up for assist punishes. However if the opponent gets hit, either assist works just fine.

…Example combos using (mech) Gief ground assist

-[thanos], + gief,, pause, fp bubble, dash in, inifnite…
…If they block/pushblock, you can lock them down throwing well timed bubbles at them to cover your gief and if they move (call assist for example), its a free bubble hit.

-[wolvie], c.lp + gief, then…whatever…

…Gief on point

-You can do actually do FAB as the first hit at the start of the match that’ll beat out any ground normals your opponent might throw out. There is a trick to it though, since usually you arent able to throw at the start of a round.

It can be seen here at around 1:35: [media=youtube]E2aZ_K9guao"[/media]

The trick is to switch trick a s.fp, then cancel as soon as the frames start. Its not really practical, but fun to know.

-Get in close to your (blocking) opponent with, + thanos xx FP banishing flat.

-Another way is, + thanos xx LK/FK air throw, f+FP

The LK version will have gief land in front of the opponent. The FK will have gief cross the opponent up.

I prefer the banishing flat since its a solid hit and keeps the opponent in a block stun. The bubble hits after wards and gives you plenty of time to hop forward > grab/low.,[1 hit] + thanos xx lk air throw into bubble, body splash, land,, c.lp, sj air combo

-vs blocking opponent:,[1 hit] xx lk air throw (whiff), call in bonerine, body splash…

…its a 50/50, either they low block and eat the overhead or they high block and eat wolverine. Also, when you land, its perfect timing for you to jump crossup body splash + bonerine assist again.

…I like doing the[1 hit] xx lk air throw because you are lower to the ground, so its a lot easier to follow up/mix-up. If you’re trying to cover ground, the FK version is a lot better.

…If you can get your opponent to low block bonerines assist, its a free TK SPD over head for you.

Anyway, I have a lot more stuff with Gief and the other 2 characters that i’ll post later.

I feel your pain. I lost my first one after a long seven years of service; felt like losing a good friend. The lens burned out, I need to get a new replacement for that. Amazon sells DC’s for under $30.00…

You have a nice Zangief. Would be fun to play against. Much luv!


Good stuff guys. Adding to the thread:


I think I have some Gief in there. I have more, but just uploaded this one as of yet. I’m getting a bit more comfy and having fun with the Giefster. I wish I would have recorded some of the Giefx3 mirrors I did with SeanMiyagi (coined: MEATGRINDER!!!).

Nice video with random characters picked.

LOL…As of recently, I’ve been running Anakaris-throw/Marrow-proj/Mechgief-ground as a fun team. I’ll post general strats with them later.

:u: thnx. yeah, some are Random Team thread derived, while others are a mix of me free-styling, eczangief, or ergeniz thought up

More Gief snacks.