Giefs at Evo 2012?



I was pretty bummed that I didn’t see a single high level Gief or Hawk on stream during the tourney. I was hoping to see Snake Eyez and/or Aquasilk but saw neither. Did anyone else happen to see some good Gief play, maybe I just missed them or something. I did see one or two but they were pretty ass. I read that Snake Eyez beat Ricky Ortiz, would’ve loved to have seen that one.


My match vs momochi was on stream, but i got bodied. It starts around 1:38:00:


Nice, you’re gief looks strong. Tough break though.


I couldn’t get out of pools. Went up against Mr. Snk’s Honda and I just couldn’t get into a groove. Then some legit Guile in losers just seemed to know which movement I was about to do for whatever option, thus eliminating me. That same Guile beat out Mr. Snk after. I was able to take out a Blanka/Bison player as well as a Sim/Seth though, so I was happy with those.

I saw the Snake Eyez vs Ortiz match at the pool. I’ll give props to Ortiz for sticking with Rufus after losing his first match. He probably could’ve countered to Chun, but stuck with it. His zone game with Rufus was pretty strong, but it’s just that ONE mistake for Rufus, and Gief is in the rest of the match.


Yeah, interesting that he didn’t switch to Chun. That match is a nightmare for Gief imo and I recall he would usually play Chun against Vangief in Norcal tourneys in the past if I’m not mistaken.


I hate that people still say " Just one mistake from Zangief and you’re dead. " That term works for Seth, and C.Viper. It used to be semi true back in Super for Zangief, when he had a semi-vortex. Now you need to land a sweep, or EX-CMD throw to get the oki and even then, combo wont lead to another great mixup.




Not that I’m great by any means but at least I defended the russian skies from cj truth – match is at 4:46:10


Not may Zangief Player make it far in Evo2012. Wonder if Zangief is ranked that low.




Zangief is bad. The worls best Gief didnt make it out of pools, lost to two Canadian players. A Blanka and Snaffo(Dhalsim) dont know the nick of the blanka.


The problem of Zangief is that the jump in game is poor and too predictable (T-Hawk is much better). There is not much Zangief can do with character with strong ground game. (like Dhalism and Sagat).

Capcom need to given Zangief more tools to close in.


I dont want Gief to have as good jumpins as T.Hawk, T.Hawk isnt a respected character in the same way as Gief. When you play gief, you play strong ground games. Thats why I love him atleast :==) I dont want anymore Air to Ground tools, this character is moving the right way, away from randomness, and towards stability. Only needs buffs on hes stable tools.


I made it out of pools, but ran into Ryan Hart in the next pool after the original.
The Zangief representation wasn’t very high, and most of us with teh exception of Itabashi and Aquasilk and Clim, would like to main a different character. I lost to Ryan Hart and Henry Cen at evo this year, but I feel I could have won. Zangief isn’t as bad as people say, but if you’re going against a Sagat like Ryan Hart, or a Dhalsim like Snaffoo (who practices against Clim who is SOLID) it looks even more free. There is probably 75% of the field at EVO that weren’t patient enough to beat a mediocre Zangief player.

Zangief is a character that can scrub people out early, but I’m “rerolling” Adon for EVO 2013, in hopes to top 8 at least!