Giefs at Evo

Post here if you used gief at Evo. I want to know how far he may have gotten. I only know that maybe a couple made it to semis.

I think it is true though that Gief does pretty shitty in tourneys. I would like to get a crack at JWongs Rufus though. I’m pretty mad that I didn’t go to Evo :sad:

Well, we got to see a Gief in the top 8 played by Ed Ma. I personally did not think it was a good decision to try and do that counterpick simply because his Akuma is so much better.

How do you guys feel his gief play was? JWong certainly played that match well, not even using dive kicks and playing the footsie game where Rufus is superior. I still feel like the matchup is in Giefs favor 6-4.

While I do think there was no way Gief was winning that match. He could have played alot better. He was being very slopply and reckless as Gief. But then, that would happen to alot of players playing against J.wong’s Rufus. There wasn’t much he could do.

I’d like to try for Evo propably in the next 2 years, of course with Gief. Mabey Dash will be out by then though.:sad:

We should play online more Jam. Get some real practice in and go repping Zangief Army.

I didn’t start watching the tournament until the semifinals. I was sad to see Gief not getting much love in the rep department. I am not possitive but i think there was only 2 gief sightings from the semifinals on. I personally think Gief can be a top playable character. I am currently in G1 and currently seeing more and more of my fellow Gief players online lately and hope to see more. You gotta love that mirror match.

For sure, I haven’t been playing online that much, just at the arcade against Dagger Granola (seriously wtf is up with calling him that lol), Leviathan, and others.

But for real, I noticed that my play style is pretty different from the giefs that I DID see. Honestly, I think I probably would of had a shot at making semis, or at least winning some money on the side through money matches lol.

I think all of the Zangief’s at Evo were a giant disappointment.

Ernest Woo did play a great round, and that Fuerte was a demon. He could slap off a Tortilla grab in a split second, but once you become aggressive, Fuerte can easily play off your rage and put you out. You have to be calm and grab some space in between you and your opponent, giving Fuerte a hard time to hit you. Fuerte, like Zangief, is most effective at close range. Fuerte may even have an upperhand, since he can take advantage of the realm that Zangief hardly knows about: The open air.

Luckily for Zangief, he has some heavy hits and a life gauge that can buy you precious time. From afar, Fuerte has a hard time hitting Zangief. His wall jump HP can easily be negated with the Lariat, and you have a better chance of seeing a Habanero Dash attack from a far. Dash back or block to avoid a Tostada Press (depending on the distance he initiates the attack) and punish with a Piledriver.

If this Fuerte jumps up on wake up all the time, this signals that he’ll run into your Lariat on wakeup once or twice. You can take a quarter of his life gauge easily with this. Careful if he has an Ultra, though. That Flying Giga Buster is hard to avoid as a Zangief, thanks to his gigantic hit box. Just keep jumpy and punish him on whiff.

People have always placed Zangief high on the tier list for some reason, I just wished more people could prove why.

Speaking of which, there was nary a Sagat player, despite being “in his own tier.”

Looking at that Zangief match between Ma and Wong, I just sat there screaming at everything he did wrong. He was trying to zone him, which was just incredibly stupid with Zangief, since his stubby arms and legs can’t reach for shit and his standing HK is too damn punishable. He was sucked into one combo after another.

Wong went off saying how Rufus has some type of advantage against Zangief. Despite what happened, I still vehemently disagree with him.

After considering my resources, I am seriously considering a trip to next year’s EVO.

I coulda went this year, but I didn’t and I’m sort of glad I didn’t because then I would be WAY too broke. But yeah, I would’ve like to know how well I compared to others. I’m top 10 or so in Hawaii, but yeah our state is small and there’s really only less than 20 people that are tournament level lol.

Um. What?

I used gief, and I lost to JR Rodriguez (Akuma) and a C.Viper.

Ernest has potential b/c he’s patient… but he never seems to know matchups. He never forward dashed once against fuerte.

Well I don’t like Ed’s Zangi pick, not gonna lie. Renegade talked with Ed about it, and Ed apparently admitted that he didn’t know Gief that well. Ed just thought that Gief beats Rufus well enough that he could pick up Gief without pro-style knowledge and beat Justin’s Rufus, which was obviously wrong. I wish he’d stayed with Akuma. And I think he’s wrong anyway, I think the Rufus matchup is somewhere in between even and very slightly advantaged, for sure not advantaged enough to switch to Gief just to play against Rufus.

The biggest problem with Gief in terms of his placing at major tournaments is that almost nobody plays him seriously and well. I can think of like, 2-3 guys, and as much as I think they’re good players, I’d have been prettttty surprised if they made top 8. I’ve talked with several other well known non-Gief players who say that they’d be interested in playing Gief, they’re just turned off by the fact that Gief has several pretty bad matchups, particularly against the better characters. While Gief has several pretty dominant matchups and tends to do well against the lower half of the cast, when it comes down to tournament time, he’s more likely than most characters to come up against troublesome matchups.

As for Gief’s tiering, keep in mind that most of the tier lists we’ve seen have been put together by random anonymous posters on the Japanese equivalent of SRK, so take them with a grain of salt. I saw in another thread that Mago (the best Jap Sagat player) thinks Gief is B tier, although he thinks Honda and Abel are B tier with him, so it’s hard to know how seriously we should take that. In my opinion Gief probably is B tier, but for I’d personally have a pretty different looking tier list otherwise.

I still think Gief can place high at a tournament like Evo. But, I do think it’s useful to have a backup character for at least some matchups, more useful than it is for most characters.

I played gief at EVO and lets just say that I didn’t know the matchups as well as I thought I did.

Yep. Truth. I don’t think anyone in America has a Gief that is nearly as good as the Japanese Giefs…and if your Gief isn’t as good as Japanese Gief, you can imagine it’ll do worse than the matchup chart states you should.

I think in America, because of the counter-pick factor, this guy is only mid tier. He’s not really worth learning when someone with a basic understanding of Blanka/Seth/Sagat will almost certainly get a game 2 win on you.

Blanka not really anymore, but Seth and Sagat are definite ass kickings to gief.

I have been trying to improve my Ryu and Balrog on the side because after the drubbing I received at the Evo qualifying tournament by both Seth and Sagat, I’ve realized that at the very least I need a decent backup plan.

I know most matchups fairly well besides possibly really good Vegas. There’s a fair depth of talent here that I feel pretty confident that I would have done decently. Of course, I’m not saying top 8 or even 32, but I’ve noticed that there really weren’t as many Sagats in the tourney as I thought there would be, and those that were in got taken out fairly early.

I personally won’t change character and I aiming to get the highest level possible.

I really do think to excel with Zangief, you have to have :

  • Some good reads on your opponent, coupled with some luck for the throw mix-ups.
  • Good reflexes to catch the opponent mistakes on reaction.
  • Solid footsies and a lot of patience. All the giefs I see in US tournaments are so eager to get their damage in.
  • Good knowledge of the matchup, because there is so many character specific quirks to know about.

This is actually what ANY player must have to be succesful in tournament play.

Hey guys I was the gief player that got slapped around by kai’s fuerte in winner’s during the early part of the semi’s on the big screen(i think it was part of the feed). I honestly wasn’t the most experienced vs fuerte so I was kind of learning as the fight progressed, not until after that match did I do some research on fighting fuerte and I actually learned a lot. In regards to counter-pickers there were a few players that counter-picked sagat against me after losing with their main characters during pools and still lost, so it is definitely doable to win a bad matchup. You just gotta believe! Hm other hard matchups i can recall are seths and dhalsims, it’s very hard to get in, but if you can manage it you can finish the game with a few correct guesses ( or wrong guesses on their part). uh probably the lamest matchup in my opinion is vs akuma just because of his annoying teleport. Blanka isn’t as hard a match as it looks for me, but boxer is a harder one than it looks (i lost to gootecks in losers) although i beat a few boxers during the tournament.

on a side note i too was disappointed in ed ma’s gief performance, wong let him get in jab spd range multiple times and ed did nothing. i was sad to say the least.

Ed ma…

lol… that happens sometimes.

Itibashi would have shown them all :smiley: Was he there?
Next year I will be going, and I hope to do well!

Oh yeah… hope everyone who attended had fun…

Good job, yeah the Fuerte matchup isn’t so bad if you know what you’re doing. I mean there’s still the chance to get owned, but the chances of that become minimized, you just gotta be super careful when he has ultra.

Most people that counterpick with Sagat after they lose probably suck with him, they just pick him because it’s a shit matchup. I don’t even want to talk about Seth. Dhalsim is very manageable, you just need good reaction and timing. But good job making it to the semis.

Balrog I have found out is a pretty hard matchup, I feel it’s a 4-6 in his favor. He just out pokes you and can dash punch if timed correctly and not get thrown on block. Leviathan played me earlier today and I found out I really need to learn it.

I got a game in with Dagger_G earlier as well, it’s pretty much just a knock him down and he’s done for match. He does try some things to get outta the wakeup game like focus the kneedrop and dash back which sometimes messes up timing and allows him to escape, but overall, as long as you can get in, it’s not too bad. I still lose to him like 4-6 or 3-7 though lol.

I asked the rest of the Hawaii guys how I probably would’ve done and they said I would of probably held my own which makes me even more mad that I didn’t go.

Yep i used gief in Evo also. Too bad i missed my first match due to flight and I ended up fighting another gief in the loser’s bracket. Hate gief vs gief. But the other guy was good. In all, it was a good experience in using my gief against the best. Won a match against Ryan Hart w00t!

Kuni Funada was in my pool and he used gief, his was solid but nothing spectacular like it was in ST. But he didnt make it out of it since he lost to Liston the sagat player from NYC. I looked at the bracket and saw Viscant made it to the semi but didnt get a chance to see him play. anybody know how far he got? But then again, he might have used blanka every now and then.

On the side note, i got in a casual with dagger_G too, great guile, but it seems like he doesnt know the trick about airthrowing gief on the wakeup when gief tries to cross him up. Never the less, he’s good.

haha, i gained respect for Ed Ma when he first picked gief, but then i hated him afterward for not knowing how to play him… embarassed us all.