Gief's Worst Match-ups?

So all of the characters I like to play have a huge problem with gief, my question is: does Gief have any bad match-ups?

I’d like to learn how to beat him at his own game, but I really need a backup character in case that fails! Scrub giefs can be dismantled with simple zoning, but good ones who can sneak in and tech out of any throw seem like gods.

Also: Are Gief players dreading any of the returning alpha characters? I never played those games enough to notice match-up issues.

Blanka and Seth are the worst.

you should really checkout the gief thread… you can learn everything about him (bad matchups and whatnot) there. And seth rapes gief like 8-2, and blanka and sagat are like 7-3’s

Not true. Blanka is definitely winnable. And it’s certainly a better fight than against Sagat, Akuma, and Ryu.

It’s 6-4 at the very worst.

Blanka’s problem is generating offense against gief. It all comes from slides, balls, throws, and jumpins.

Slides and balls are punishable, obviously.

And throws and jumpins are moving blanka closer to gief, which is good.

Blanka’s defense also sucks. EX upball is punishable on hit. Ultra is a back charge, and if blocked is a free ultra for you.

It’s a fight like Dhalsim, Guile, Bison, and Chun. It’s a bitch to get in. You’ll take 15%-25% damage getting in. But once you’re there, the fight can get ugly really quickly.

Seth is bad, but there are only one or two good seths.

Sagats rough but beatable. hes 9-1 vs gief when hes on his feet and at mid screen or further but 3-7 when your in close.

If you are mid skill level and playing mainly mid skill level blankas you should be able to own. Super high level blankas pokes can be a problem but 99% online dont poke with anything other than sweep. The reason i had trouble with blanka at first was i did stupid shit like try and sweep him on wake up when he had ultra or jump at him at all. Just learn to block and punish ultra and figure out which side the rainbow ball is coming down on and dont worry about chip from blocking the ball you should be fine its 7-3 gief at mid level game play.

Seth is 7-3 because he cant make any real mistakes and even if you hit 1 of 3 long arms with lariet you still win on damage just make sure to follow any trades that pop him with ex green hand and dont even try and grab him unless its a tick on pop up. Still he has to be very good with Seth you have more room for errors on your part then him so it might be more like 6-4 seth because if they arnt great at the match up you can beat them in like 4 lariet trade to green hands. If i was alittle better and could punish wiffed dragon punches with ultra i would win 7 out of 10 times vs the better seths on live “Gengiprime or Behr”

The worst matchup for gief is via a mid level player is honda if they spam that neutral jump hp to hands BS it does so much damage and is hard to punish. If they dont do that they dont know the match up and you should own them. Also you really need to train them that you can punish the butt stomp before they stop waking up with it so the first half of the game is punishing that but i run out of life vs good hondas before i can start my wake up games.

Yeah I thought Blanka was like 4.5-5.5 in blanka’s favor…not really a bad fight at all. You can’t be STUPID about it, but Blanka doesn’t have anything thats free against Gief except vert ball, which can be kara-GHed, or walk fwd GH. For blanka to do damage, he leaves himself open to painful retaliation (there’s a magic distance for him, but I think and jab SPd still are good at that range…dont fight many good Blankass though so its not something I’ve tested heavily, just seen). But yeah, read thru the match-up thread.

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i rather fight any seth than a seasoned AKUUUUUMA!!! AKUMA is the ultimate then any other shoto style of your choice xcept 4 dan lol xD

Akuma is pretty easy for me actually. I’ve never had any issues with any Akuma online or offline.

I used to not have issues, but as Akumas get better, its gotten harder and harder, now its one of my worse fights…worse than Sagat since I can at least cross him up and work damage out of him. akuma can just wisk away on a though.

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Yeah… just basically get him in the corner and be weary of teleports and be defensive and you shouldn’t have a problem. :lovin:

Ok, Gief’s worst matchups in order -


Gief’s easiest matchups in my opinion (no specific order)


You guys really think Akuma is an easy fight for Gief? Are we talkin scrubby online Akuma’s who do nothing but air fb all day?

I used to think Akuma was easy, cause of the level of Akuma’s I was fighting against…but that match-up gets mroe and more lop sided as I see Akuma’s improving. Why do you guys feel that mach-up is essetentially free in the same realms as Abel? IMO

Unbeateatable unless the player gets bored - Seth
Beatable the day you win the lottery - Sagat
Bad Match-up - Ryu/Akuma/Sim/Honda

again Blanka is annoying, but hardest fight?

How Can you Lose? - Abel/Dan
Enjoy dinner - Rose/Cammy

IMO Dictator is even, at best 5.5-4.5 for Gief.

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I’d guess Akuma, because of the many different ways you can kill him. That low HP vs. someone like Zangief (Who hits very hard) is like dancing on eggshells. Sure as the skill level goes up the match gets more and more diffcult, but unlike Ryu and closer to Sim, one mistake is enough to nearly kill him.

Similarly, there is a reduced amount of threat because of reduced Ultra threat. It’s still possible to get hit by it, but unlike Ryu, the jump in game isn’t completely ruined by it, and Sim’s teleport can get you if your really careless. If Akuma is playing the way he should then he’ll be on the other side of the map eating pizza by the time he can think about using an ultra. Up close in front of Gief to land it is possible, but a timebomb to when it all breaks apart.

Then again, this is coming from someone who doesn’t think Abel is an instant win either, just a very easy one. I’ve seen a few good giefs go down to mind games, though whenever I use Gief I’ve not lost to an Abel once I figured out his tricks/mindgames. Too many easy ways to break the french guys mixups.

If you want a character specificly to counter gief pick seth, you don’t even need to learn seth that well since gief locks down most of his options, you just need proper zoning. Prepare to get mad on the rare occasion you get headbutt instant-stunned ultrad though =).

Combofiends Abel will rape your mind he plays this weird crazy abstract style once he gets a knockdown pray for a mistake. Sure gief may have a lot of options against certain chars, but any char canbe awesome in theright hands. People always bitch about gief and how they can’t play their “normal” style bla bla bla, well he is the only pure grappler in the game (for now, SSF4 brings t hawk) of course you have to change it up, those players who know how to change it up should be the ones listed not the charachters themselves in my opinion

Abel has some REAL nasty reset options identical in concept to Sakura’s. The question is, should they ever get the chance to land the mixup on Gief? EF one of the old hated match-ups for Gief (not a bad one per say just a hated one due to the random nature of it all) has a nasty reset as well, but it doesn’t make the match-up any different really. From ‘my’ experience, Abel doesn’t get ‘in’ on Gief, so there is no knockdown. And on the same token, what happens when Abel gets knocked down by Gief? UD’s O-S on Abel is disgusting.

So will a great Abel beat a good Gief, more than likely yes, I’ve had my ass beat by Abel players, but I’m alo man enough to admit they were that much better than me. I’d rape people with Servot as my point in MvC2, didn’t change hte fact that he was one of the worse characters in tthe game…I was just that muchbetter than the people I was playing. Individual ability does not negate the general direction of the match-up. I’ve watched people who play as shitty as Vega - completley DESTROY people…but those guys were just that much better than the competition and also knew the match-up.

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Exatcly my point in this game I believe knowing the match up is more than half the battle sf4 is such a zoning game I think a lot of people overlook that. In my opinion 60% match knowledge, 20% zoning and 20% execution and reaction.

Dude, you wanna counter pick the red cyclone look no further than sagat, unlike akuma and seth one mistake wont kill you, and unlike blanka he is really easy to learn. Sagat is not giefs worst match up(that dubious award goes to seth) but he is definitely up there, his st.rh is impossible, its takes a while to get into a good sagat and one mistake to get sent to the other end of the stage.

yeah, I gotta co-sign this, Seth is technically a worse match-up, but Sagat can take a beating better, and is better against the rest of the cast IMO…his only even match up last I read was Sim (which is EXACTLY why I picked Sim up dammit MDub :rofl: )

I won’t go so far as to say Sagat is easy to use. He’s just like everyone else (excluding like 3 people) - in that his basics are easy to grasp, but to get good does take time and practice. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only Gief that destroys people who pick Sagat purely as a counter and don’t really know how to play well as him.

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