gif makerz!


never the first

^ :rofl: that is great stuff.

Whats the best software for creating animated gifs, I used to have a paintshop pro software but that was kinda restrictive.

GMG (Gif Movie Gear), Ulead GIF animator and I use ImageReady.

How do you rip vids from youtube?

cool~ from lucky 7 right? :wgrin:

Use something like YouTube Catcher which gets you the flash movie. And from there…

Either open the .flv in flash and export as a gif. Or you could convert the flash file (the above proggie does that for you) to avi and process it in something like Premier or from the avi, open it in ImageReady… there are really a ton of ways to go about getting a flash movie to a .gif :]

alright man, thanks.