Gif, png, jpg, or bmp


what’s the best file format to save in? i use jpg, but they’re too big, but the quality is nice if u up it up, but the size gets too big… if u use gif, the files sometimes come out crappy, but tehy’re nice and small

bmps, i think are like gif’s, but they’re huge, and i don’t nkow what a png is…




If you are saving something with 256 colors or less, like a vector work or av you want to save as gif. If it is a photo or something with millions of colors, you want to save as jpg. If you just want the best quality with large file size, you save as png. bmp’s should only be used when required, like a skin for an application.



thanks alot. so i guess i’ll say that gifs are best for sprite avatars, and jpgs are best for complex avatars (with a ton of effects

thanks dude




everything I try to save comes out as a .BMP any way to change or fix it? Nothing else shows when I try to use the drop box :frowning: please help me :slight_smile:


use the “Save as” function and type .gif or .jpg etc at the end of the filename.


If you mean in Internet Explorer, also try clearing your temporary Internet files.


Definately stick to gifs when making avatars that feature game sprites. Plus gifs can include animation. (Exact color option is usually recommended, dithering can make things unpleasantly spotty)

BMPs are cool because the image can be viewed at in different magnifications and still look detailed.

tif = top tier, lol but humongous size.


If it’s not animated, I save using .jpg