Gif Request from Youtube Clip


Could someone grab the clip of the Hadouken being thrown at 3:55 please
Switch to 1080p please

Many thansk


bumps @Shatterstar @savaii64


Use this and make it yourself


Oh Snap! I didn’t even get a notification of this!

Is it too late to help with this?


nope :tup:

720p Gif
Half Size Gif
A couple more HQ ones are being uploaded (~7MB) so brb with a link.


Thanks man but wrong hadouken, I meant the other done with the guy in the shorts


Oi! I misunderstood the timestamp lol. Hit this up laters.


Dropbox ~43MB


Holy crap that’s big. Thanks man. I’ll see if I can shrink it down so I can post on forums.


Oh. Realizing that you intend to use it on forums, I’ll shrink it down when I get time tonight hopefully. I only had time to make a full size gif yesterday but I can shrink it down later.


Thanks man, much appreciated. Glad to have the fullsize version too


400x225 ~1.4 MB


Thanks man, much appreciated!