gif request?

Sup, I used the search function to no avail so I thought of opening a new thread.
I’m in need of a signature-like gif, featuring st chun li doing walk up low forward super, being absolutely incompentent at this sorta things I’m asking for someone’s help.
Shape or size don’t really matter. As long as they’re not too big, I’ll leave it up to anyone who wants to take on this.

I uploaded a short clip of said combo to rapidshare.

If you don’t like rapidshare/fear I may have put spyware in there, here’s the youtube version I uploaded.

Just one thing, please make sure you can see her walking up. Showing the whole super or the juggling isn’t that important, but would be really nice.

Thanks in advance.

hahaha… I thought the title said “Gf Request?”…

Oh god… :rofl:


no one?