GIF resizing request

Prem size obviously. I have no idea if it can be done since I just saw the file size. :lol:

If not, no biggy. But, whoever does has my eternal thanks. :pray::china:

frame delay = 0.07:

.[not so ninja edit].

stu: i could slow it down a bit if you want.

:d: thanks.

Really nice job dude, looks awesome

frame delay = 0.10:

frame delay = 0.12:

frame delay = 0.15:

hm. the bottom just looks too weird, like you can, but you can’t tell what it says. ugh.

I hate being so fickle bout this. ^_^;;;

I tried to do it yesterday and the problem is that it doesn’t scale down at 160x100 without cutting off something and it looks really weird. if you were to go to like 4chan (I vowed to never go there again) and ask for the original gif without the text it’d be easy to replicate.

but I’m lazy. :frowning:


most sexcellent. Thank you good sir.

no prob, hope str[e]ak doesn’t mind I bitch jacked his stuff. :rofl:

:u: lol, i don’t mind a bit. good job.

but, i thought you were going to bring back the dog av before your prem ran out. :sad:

you and me both. :sad: