GIFs behind still background help

I’m new to the moving avatar thing and I couldnt specifically find a guide for this since I can barely explain it but it goes like this::

Say I make a banner, and I want to put a moving gif on top of it, so I go to gamegen or whatever and get one of the moving gifs ex: Psyloke’s animated projectile, how do I then put that moving picture on top of my banner?

Furthermore, is it a way to split the frames of a gif such as the ones at fightersgeneration after you save them to your drive?

I appricieate help in advance

EDIT: I re-posted this by a request from the other art forum. Not trying to troll. :tup:

I’m not an avatar maker myself and I might be off on some of the details but adding a animated gif on top of a background isn’t that hard to do for someone skilled in photoshop or other graphics programs.

As far as the process, if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, there’s several avatar request threads on here for people who will make you one for free.

There’s probably more than one way to split the frames of an animation but when I needed to do it, I used Jasc Animation shop and it worked just fine.

Hope this helps.

Read post #3 in the Image Manipulation Q & A sticky.

Then do some of these tutorials.

After you have done that, if you have more questions, ask them in the Q & A sticky.