GigaMaidens - A Game About Way Too Big Anime Lady's


This post has become outdated. There was a detailed description of the game here but I need to update it with new info.

For now though, enjoy this artwork.




good luck with the game. characters look interesting.


Very interesting concept. Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:


In my opinion your game sounds very convuluted because it trying to incorporate a lot of stuff that either too ambitious or don’t compliments each other. Game play and controls feel like their in complete contrast of each other so adjusting to that is going to be challenge for people who are not already experience. I’ll need demonstration or maybe hear the reasoning on the design choice’'s to appreciate what Giga Maidens is trying to do.

Character is nice though.


I don’t think what I have planned is that complicated. Maybe I didn’t describe it well enough or we have a different definition of complicated.


Their is difficulty in explaining anything that’s complex or dynamic. Gigia maiden does seem to accomplish one or both of these so I’m going to wait on seeing to understand it.


I can’t say very much right now but I simply can’t hold back my excitement. So let me just say you’ll be seeing much more of this game very soon. Enjoy this teaser of an in-game character! It’s our lead heroine, Sachi!

If you can spare it, please give the game a follow on twitter to know the exact second our public demo drops.


Yeah, sorry about the lack of updates. We’re still trying to get the demo done but there’s been a bunch of setbacks and I’ve fallen ill recently so it’s taking some time to do it.

We have an engine and some assets done, so it shouldn’t be too much longer. Maybe by fall we’ll have a demo out if all goes well. In the meantime here’s some updated model shots.


Sachi’s sword

Drarin (the scenery is just for testing lighting)


Looks good


Characters looking pretty damn good.


Abs fetish.


Oh yes, these girls are all quite fit.


This game is looks promising. Will there be a female kaiju to diversify the cast? Maybe something that looks like Nidoqueen on steroids. Or will they all be humanoids?


The closest we have is Pera and Mama Pera. They’re dragon ladies but they don’t have snouts or mandibles or anything like that, they still have stylish hair and cute lady faces.

Pera has pet kaiju though…


Will there be any vore action going on?


Haha not exactly


no furries


Also will there be lesbian bike on bike action and extreme tiddy?