GigaMaidens: Cute Giantesses Doing Cute Things

I figure since people here are constantly talking about all the “awesome” 2D fighters they’re making that feature things like tons of stupid internet memes, “broken shit” like comeback mechanics and parries (what the fuck) and a lack of 14 year old anime girls listed as a positive, I guess I may let the cat out of the bag on the fighting game I’m making which in my mind is the polar opposite.

My game is called GigaMaidens and it’s a 3D arena brawler with no male characters at all. The gist of it is that all the women are 2 kilometers tall and have a ton of apocalyptic-looking attacks, fighting each other by summoning supervolcanoes and firing nuclear missiles at each other, causing untold amounts of destruction. Now I’m not gonna lie or embellish anything about it, it’s a game that seeks to appeal to pretty much only me and a handful of like-minded individuals. And currently it’s in a vaporware state. But god damn it I am going to get this done if I have to lock myself in my room cranking out all I can do.

Rather than taking away features, my game is purely casual-oriented for the lowest common denominator to play it. So I’m not going to shy away from things like comeback mechanics or even items and powerups. I think starting a franchise by ripping off mechanics from the most notoriously broken and hard-to-play fighters, with the intention of being the most “hardcore” fighting game imaginable is a surefire way to limit your sales, so instead what I’m doing is the opposite. I’m making it as easy to play and fun as possible, since in my mind, whether or not a “fun casual” fighting game ends up competitive is a crap shoot. My inspiration for this game is the Dreamcast era of fighting games, that really didn’t give a crap as to whether or not their games were balanced and competitive as long as they were fun. Games such as Tech Romancer, Power Stone and the original Soulcalibur form the basis for what I’m trying to achieve here.

The game is (at least in part) a self-aware parody of fighting games that focus on female characters, making fun of the way unscrupulous game designers and story authors will manipulate their work to gratify their freaky, terrible personal fetishes. Expect things like:

[]Gratuitous amounts of city destruction with taller buildings acting as obstacles
]Items and power-ups to bolster your skills (or lack thereof)
[]Unrestricted movement across XYZ planes; simple controls and easy combo strings
]Awesome supers and “ultimate” attacks that shrink and humiliate the opponent (this gives me a giggle)
[]An entertaining single-player trial/adventure mode that teaches you the game
]Cute & sexy giant babes! Don’t masturbate to them! (There’s also younger girls like this one if you’re into that sort of thing, I don’t judge)
[]I guess we might get an awesome, famous composer doing the music
][S]Blowing up planets as a regular part of the combat?[/S] Hmm. Maybe if there’s a sequel.
[*]Original humor. No internet memes or excessive outside references.
This is not a pet project, this is a legit game, with funding and a team and everything, for commercial release on Steam and maybe some other platforms in the future. So, you like this idea? No? Too bad, this game is still happening.

In closing, here’s a video made in MMD that doesn’t really have much to do with the game but I uploaded it to youtube anyways because I thought it would be funny. Also be sure to join #gigamaidens on synirc!


This is getting very silly, but I’m loving every second of it.

Would 100% buy if there was a giant trap, but I will remain curious nonetheless. Seems hilarious enough to be worth my time.

The times have gotten so bad because Capcom can’t make good fighting games anymore so people have to do them themselves.

So it’s like Arcana Heart but for giantess fetishists?

Is this going to be a hentai game?

It’s a niche that needs to be filled!

No. I’m not making a heinous porn game god damn it :frowning:

It has sexual themes but it isn’t outright vulgar-- well, maybe with one character… you’ll see.

Of course, if you wanna make hentai out of it I ain’t gonna stop you.

watches the video on YT

looks at the comments after it ends

C’mon son. Was a simple “No” not enough for you?

Aside from the fact that this game is *very *relevant to my interests, I will admit that it sounds like it could be very fun in that “non-serious” kind of way. The last fighting games I played like that were Clay Fighter 63 1/3 and the Power Stones…actually, scratch that. Clay Fighter 63 1/3 got old quick, but the Power Stones stayed fun.

Regardless, consider me interested. I’m eager to see character concepts and actual gameplay. I may even be willing to donate to this project, should it ever come to that.


Not being a hentai game decreased my interest.

Never! I do it out of passion.


I was kinda expecting some heavy ass insults out of you… :sad:

I’m glad you’re interested. In case anyone missed it here’s one of the in-game characters that I hid in a link in the OP. Her name’s Ariette, she’s a demonic tomboy who wants to be the strongest of all. She uses a unique self-taught style of martial arts that weaponizes the enormous ahoge sticking out of her head.

Oh, that piece of art was an actual character concept? I wasn’t sure if it was or not.

I really like that character design, as well as the concept. After reading the description for the game, I initially thought all the characters would be designed like the characters of Arcana Heart: lame caricatures of “moe” archetypes, with concepts to boot. Sure, that’d be a parody, but the character designs would be lame. Aside from Skullgirls, this is the first time in a long while that I’ve seen a character concept in one of these types of “all-female roster” fighters that I genuinely liked. So, props to the artist and props to the brainchild of these characters. Hopefully the others will be as neat as this one.

Putting that aside, a question about the game mechanics: How will the camera be in this 3D fighting game? Will it be have a camera perspective like Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee? Or will it have a third-person perspective like War of the Monsters? These two games are probably the first that will have immediate comparisons drawn to.

It has a camera like Tekken, it’s traditional arcade style.

Yes, all the fighters are unique, some are more humorous than others. Half the characters in the game are mine, and the other half belong to a friend of mine in Singapore. Ariette is one of his characters. My characters are mostly humorous and big girls, whereas his are more “serious” in context. I think between the two of us we have some real good ones.

I’m kind of curious myself to see how this gets accomplished because the current plan is to have unrestricted XYZ movement and no crouching, which necessarily means it would play like Power Stone with more buttons. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me but I want the game to at least have a tiny bit of competition to it. I’m first and foremost trying to focus on mechanics that simply “feel good” instead of trying to be the most hardcore 3D fighter around. Competitive 3D fighters don’t usually have projectiles in them from what I understand. Does a lack of crouching eliminate the possibility of being a good competitive fighter? What do you think?

Looks tight. If it goes up for sale I will buy it.

Unlimited XYZ? I wanna see the controls for that.