The controller has some wear around the buttons but I’ve tested it and it seemingly works fine. It doesn’t have a box or anything like that, it’s just the controller as pictured. Again, no problems, and it’s never been opened. As you probably know it has micro switches.

The games themselves are 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th (medium scratches and fairly scratched box, I’ve factored this into the final price), 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th RED, 12th HAPPY SKY, 13 DISTORTED and 14 GOLD. The Gold comes in a Limited Edition box with stickers. It doesn’t have the dvd or poster (normally included) in Gold’s LE, so the box is used to hold DistorteD and GOLD. Stickers are shown here:

Puzzle thingy is amazing. The actual item folds out; it has an art book (sealed), a puzzle (sealed), and DVD (opened/no scratches/doesn’t come sealed?).

Not pictured above, but included: Japanese Fat Black PS2 with memory card (pretty much everything is unlocked on it excluding Troopers), which doesn’t need a step-down transformer if you live in a 110v area, otherwise it will need a step down transformer because the power supply is internal in Fat PS2s. Comes with AV cables and RGB cables. It’s dusty, but it works.

And now for prices.

The below items include shipping. However, they are excluding shipping to Europe, as it’s ridiculously expensive to send anything there with a tracking number. European buyers are still welcome, though, it isn’t possible to obtain a tracking number on the cheapest shipping method available to me. Currently the cheapest shipping method with tracking is $25US. Small items to Europe can be shipped for $10 without tracking at your own risk. Large items are debatable and I’d have to check first.

To avoid confusion: All prices now include the 4% Paypal fee.

All prices include international shipping to Aus, US, Asia and Canada. Europe is +$5USD per item on top of the prices below.

3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th: $36.40 ($1.40 paypal fee) each, $166.40 lot ($6.40 Paypal fee)
4th, 9th, RED: $41.60 ($1.60 paypal fee) each, $114.40 ($4.40 paypal fee) lot
10th, DD $46.80 ($1.80 paypal fee) each, $88.40 ($3.40 paypal fee) lot
Japanese PS2, memory card (everything unlocked for 3rd-14th), A/V, component cables: $140.40 ($5.40 paypal fee) lot

Money order (avoids paypal fees) or Paypal accepted.

Hey… I know you, we used to talk on IRC. I thought you would never part with stuff from your colleciton, :lol:

I doubt you’ll get any bites for this here, your better off on bemanistyle/vjarmy/etc

Send me a PM and I’ll give you somewhere else, if your interested.

We have? Sorry, I don’t remember. Anyway, I think I already know where you’re talking about, and have listed it there as well. Currently I have this for sale there, here, Shmups and SomethingAwful.

I might be adding my Pop’n Music stuff soon.

wow, thats not even the basic IIDX thats the ARCADE ONE. D:

Quite a collection! :tup: Sucks that you have to let it go. Unfortunately I’m too hung up on Rockband or else you might’ve had a buyer a couple years ago :bgrin:.

Medicine-Melancholy, lol. I havent been on sm in months though, sooo.

Lemme know when you list your pop’n stuff, I might be interested D:

awesome collection. Still using a ps1 ascii and a US beatmania stock.

Oh, right. Thanks for the support guys! Now buy my stuff already. :frowning:

o jeez, I might finally be getting a pop’n controller…

i want the IIDX ASC! :sad:

I won’t be selling my Pop’n mini controller, sorry.

I currently have 1 person interested in HS, Gold, and the Gold Stickers. I have another interested in the Puzzle. 3rd to 11th, and DD are still available. The controller and PS2 are also still available.

I’ve also decided to give up waiting for someone to buy the whole thing. So, you can buy whatever you like right now.

Okay. Gold, Gold’s stickers, Happy Sky, and Gold’s Limited Edition Box have been sold. Thread has been updated accordingly.

ugg i want that controller so bad…

Then by all means, take it.

nah i dont feel like wasting more money.

IIDX KASC is on hold (payment is currently pending).

wait how much is the controller? i might be able to buy it on the 6th :slight_smile:

$260. $225 + shipping + paypal fee. Someone on another forum wants it, so I’m letting them have it. If he falls through, I’ll update the thread accordingly. But I hope not.

…do you want it if he bails? I’ll keep you in mind.

if my paycheck can pay for a TE and that i will get it. should be enough though.