Gigaton Blow's Punishing Power

ok. We all know the gigaton blow is fast.
really fast.

but what can it hit exactly?

No one want to be using Rog in a tourney, and you don’t know which moves you can or cannot punish when blocked.

So we should compile a list of Normals and “SEMI-SAFE” Specials and supers that Balrog can punish with his gigaton blow.

Obvioulsy i’m not talking about a missed Fierce DP, i’m talking about blocked Fireballs or Sweeps. Common moves that usually happen in matches.

I’ll Get started… and I’ll update this to make it look more like a list…

Remember: You should get “reversal” if you did the super the earliest you could.

Any Shotos Sweep can be supered if blocked.

Cammy’s Sweep and Standing HK aren’t safe.

Vega’s Slide, Crouch MP, and Crouch Fierce are all not safe

Pretty much anything that isn’t instant in recovery will be a victim of this super, and I’m not kidding.

Well, then. Let’s put down what doesn’t have instant recovery. Anyone have frame data?

I mean, it’s alot more useful to know EXACTLY what moves can be hit, as opposed to thinking “that move has a little lag, so I’ll try.”

Well, it hits almost any whiffed normal (except jabs, some shorts), pretty much any blocked super, regardless of what level it is.

That’s not true. For example, Shoto’s c.MK doesn’t have instant recovery, but it can’t be punished.

Basically, anything that gives Balrog frame advantage lets him punish. Basically, that’s EVERY ground HP/HK, and a few MP/MKs. Also, things like blocked Headbutts, Scissor Kicks, Spiral Arrows, etc… Things like Blanka’s Electricity, Sakura’s Hurricane Kick, and Iori’s Rekka aren’t punishable.

Unless a move gives you frame advantage when Balrog blocks it, he can punish you.

bokchoy, I don’t want to break your fun,but Iori’s Rekka punch is punishable,I agree that sakura’s hurricane kick isnt punishable,it punishes lots of specials moves like fireballs,kaiser waves, this super isnt just about blocking then counterattacking if theres some frames of recovery,this super hits almost anything during the actual move,blanka’s electricity gets whooped out of the way by the Gigaton Blow,think a little more aggresive!?!

Of course it can go THROUGH shit… it’s a level 3 super. But it’s much easier to BLOCK and REACT to something. Most people don’t know if their moves are MOSTLY safe, or TOTALLY safe. And people will do shit by accident, so Rog can super them.

What i’m trying to find out is which moves have that sort of lag when BLOCKED.

I know almost every sweep in the game can be hit by Gigaton Blow. However, Cammy’s Stand Fierce CANNOT be hit by it after a block, since it’s so fast. Other moves may/may not put Rog in block stun longer.

I know about obvious shit, like
"Wow they missed a super"
“They whiffed a move”

That’s easy.

What I’m trying to look into is the kinda things like

“Wow… I can Gigaton Blow Honda after a blocked headbutt, or the headbutt super”
(this is true, btw)

That kind of stuff can change a match around. And that’s why I want to know these kind of things.

any takers??

well then,u might wanna make a list of what can’t be countered. Could be more accurate.

It’s hard to punish a landing opponent after parrying their anti-air. On the contrary, if you execute the super after a parry they can’t block.

If they land from a jump, even if they are holding down/back, they won’t be able to block the super if timed correctly.

Just like sonic Hell Yeah, only better in a lot of ways.

Sonic “try to use as anti air and get 3 hits” you mean? :lol:

If Ryu does a fireball that hits you in a combo, you can punish him with gigaton blow.


ur right thats a good one

also one obvious one is after u block blankas roll attack…

time it right b4 he lands back on the floor and smash him.

For god sakes do you know what your asking?
There’s like 250+ special moves in the game…many of them can be punished by Gigantic Blow( or Kung Pow :slight_smile: ).
There are like an 300+ normals in the game…many of them can be punished…
There are approx. 150 supers in the game and most can have many different forms(lvl 1, 2 or 3)…many of them can be punished

You want to make a list of that? If you play the game enough you should be able to tell just by watching and/or even by memory.

In a tournament, all your really need to know is what is punishable and not punishable by the following people:

Cammy, Blanka, Sagat, Vega, Iori, M Bison, Rolento, Chun Li, Ryu.

I mean, other top tier people are common sense. “Oh can I hit Hibiki out of her qcf+P?!” And other people not on this list, you won’t encounter them in a tourney anyway. Or if you will, you won’t need to know whether gigaton blow can hit them out.

You’ve mentioned common Cammy and Vega moves that can be hit.

I’d like to add Blanka’s slide, Iori’s rekka kens, M Bison’s scissors kick, Rolento’s pipe twil (this should be obvious).

There should be others but I haven’t tested them yet.

I am a Balrog player, and I seen that Terry’s crouching roundhouse is not safe at all.

It can punish Hibiki after a hit OR blocked qcf+p. So can his jab straight dash and the other lv.3 super. Her b+b is now useless. Use i think… to counter most of her nice pokes?

Can obviously go through most fireballs, but I’ve been hit out by an early Iori and Akuma ball before.

After most of terry’s blocked moves, IIRC. That includes Burn Knuckle, and Crack shoot especially.

You can combo the gigaton blow with the c.rh if timed right. I never got the timing down when I played Balrog…

After the cannon drill, doesn’t it go over cammy’s head?

I dont see how it can punish hibikis qcf move if HIT. That’s some crazy fast charging!

On Xbox or GC in P-Groove, you can cancel a ppp or kkk punch into the Gigaton for some nice damage.

i can do it with a charge cancel its possible

Crazy fast hitting you mean. It covers distance instantly. Yama can’t do his bnb blocked or hit either without eating a free lvl3, hehe.