Gigaton Blow's Punishing Power

I completely forgot about charging during a bread and butter and retaliating :bluu:

EDIT: And i was already aware of how fast his super is… hehe :slight_smile:

HI YA’LL. I own CVS2 on my GameCube, and I would just like to say that my favorite Ratio or 3 player team is Balrog, Blanka, and Guile. The middle can vary, but Balrog and Guile stay. I absolutely love his Gigaton Blow, it’s so fun to just fucking chunk someones life out :clap: Anyways, another move to add, is Kim’s slide kick to air over head move thingy, sorry don’t know the name. Sometimes I’ll try to headbutt it, but I get hit, I believe you have to uppercut him before he leaves the ground. Other than that though (back to Rog’s Super) he is pretty much invincible. His crazy buffalo, all the way back to his ST days was always a great super, but low invincibility. I would do the super and Dhalsim would throw me out of it, or Chun-Li would kick me. The crazy buffalo has to be started when someone is in recover, or the insant you get an opening, cause it has invincibility, just not much/that long. His Gigaton blow however seems to punish any move, even fireballs. Ryu through out a fire hadouken, in Osaka training, and I gigaton blowed through it from across the screen.


Raged Balrog + Counter damage on Gigaton Blow = GGPO bitches. :tup:

Isn’t it true that its the second fastest super in the game? I thought Shinning Knuckle (Level 3) was faster?