GIJOE YearBook Complete Set [CBR]!


The first G.I. Joe Yearbook was published in March of 1985. It contained “everything you need to know about America’s favorite heros.” It reprinted the story, Operation Lady Doomsday, from issue #1 , summaries of what had happened up till now, profiles on some of the Joes and info about the television series. The second issue, published in March of 1986, had more of the same as well as a new original story and a gallery of comic book covers.

The third issue, published in March of 1987, continued the tradition of the first two as well containing two new original stories. The fourth and final issue was published in February of 1988. It followed the same formula that was used to bring us the first three with one original story. All of the orignal stories were written by Larry Hama. \

DOWNLOADIssue 1 1985

DOWLOADIssue 2 1986

DOWNLOADIssue 3 1987

DOWNLOADIssue 4 1988

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