Gilden Tide

well, the news about it were already posted on the front page, the oficial site that has some previews with more concept art about the game and some other info about it

theorically there would be an alpha demo for the game at CEO 2012

It would be nice if they would have more proper info up, especially about gameplay.

EDIT: At the very least, they need to be looking into getting GGPO.

Would be nice if we knew more than “steampunk theme, five button ( 4+drive ), inspired by ‘games such as A2 and CvS2’”

But whatever, can’t go wrong with more fighting games.

I spent an hour making a nicely formatted thread for this, but that got eaten up by my computer. :frowning: Glad to see somebody else making it. :slight_smile:

I’m liking what I see so far with the game mechanics. It’s too bad that the most recent news for the game was in July, although there’s rumours that we’ll see more next month.

There’s actually a surprising amount of info on the site.
[]Fifi (What sort of name is that?) has an insight mechanic that opens up counter moves
]Throws are two-button (Thank God)
[]There’s attacks executed by pressing HK and HP at the same time that either wall bounce, have super armor, or both.
]There are ex moves that consume 25% of the super bar
[]There’s a mechanic that’s similar to Roman Cancels called “Breakthrough” which uses another meter than the super meter
]There’s several concept arts and descriptions for the characters outside of Fifi
But yeah, we really need more of an idea of what they’re doing. Also, that character select screen has way too many spots for the first iteration of an indie game, so I suspect it will change soon.

not inspired enough, it seems

googles steampunk

Thank god this isn’t another anime airdash fighter. I think that i would have completely given up on the thought of new IPs had it not been for a game like this. I hope its actually good though.

Blech two button throws.

I noticed that as well. I suspect that it’s either going to get trimmed down and/or they’re going to go the SkullGirls route and release it with only 8 or so characters and have the rest as DLC.

two button throws are hype.

One button throws gives us dumb stuff like Talbain OS cl.RH

Meh. Even SkullGirls is using 2 button throws, and if it’s fine with Mike Z, then it’s fine in my book.

Rampant fanboy-ism aside, the bigger issue with throws in any new anyway isn’t how they’re done (unless you’re super dependent on OS throws), but rather if they can be teched and/or how big the window is.

Its not about how many buttons you bust press to perform a throw its about startup&whiff animations and how game detects when start a throw.
Of course some things will be determined by the number of buttons… But look at Guilty Gear (where throws don’t have whiff animation) and Vanguard Princess (where throws have whiff animation).

Rather odd motions for attacks…

I laughed at the gentleman’s description.

I’ll be keeping a look out on this.
I like Fifi’s design, but her name though… lol

Steampunk theme? I can… get behind this, I suppose. And Ruby Heart’s back… with the name of a toy poodle. Also, I’m maining Winston. Deciding that right here.

This is an odd approach to revealing the game, but I hope to see more of it in the near future.

We’ll see more of what this Insight function can do soon enough? Perhaps it’s a Stand-type system that grants unique mechanics? Expanded Dark Force?

Concerning 1-button throws and OS’s, the most recent offender of one-button throw problems most of us can relate to: Marvel 3 OS throws.

USA developed fighting game + indie studio + tons of ideas but no gameplay footage + steampunk theme = the fighting game Zybourne Clock

you could say this project already lost its steam

I’d like to see this game succeed, much like I want to see any fighting game succeed. These guys look like they really need someone capable of design from those movelists, button layout and some of the character designs. Otto is really good (especially in comparison to the rest of the cast), the Fifi’s name is questionable, as is her pose, the grappler looks relatively generic and doesn’t give me the sense of personality (all characters, even robots, should have some!) The gentlemen fellow looks… man that’s a character that needs some actual character.

There’s nothing really “wrong” with steampunk, but most people who attach themselves to it tend to make vaporware.

The Zybourne Fighting Game