Gill Combo Video: Perfect Being

Featuring Gill. For those of you who are flying out to Vegas tomorrow, like me, I put together a little something to whet your appetites.

You can watch it on YouTube here:

Or download the HQ version here:

This has been a pet project of mine for a while. Everyone knows Gill is broken in half. But how bad is he really? Watch and learn. This video is full of 100% stun combos, ridiculous juggles, and weird Gill-only tricks. Check it out. If you liked my [media=youtube]4WyEbSgTOMs[/media], you’re sure to like this one.

As always, comments and criticisms are always welcome!

Someone needs to direct this link to that fool Jion_Wansu.

good stuff im not a fan of the combo vids but this was very entertaining even to me
i guess i will check out your makoto vid as well

Man after seeing that it’s time to practice my Gill!!1

But anyway cool video but I think you should move it to the Video Gallery section.

nice vid, i really enjoyed it. :tup:

that was pretty entertaining. it was funny watching those super broken combos.

nice video. granted its a banned character. but still good nonetheless. good job

yeah good job with the combo vid was entertaining:tup:

Guys in thongs are just too strong.

Cool video. I particularly liked the presentation. You didn’t waste time with pointless anime footage, the editing was tight, and you explained what was going on when it might not otherwise have been obvious (the taunt).

Well done.

Nice video man. Whats the song used?

Good video, how fucking broken is Gill? :lol:

The final version turned out really great. Gill is beyond broken. nice.

Moving to vid section. Don’t do this again.

Good shit man, damn Gill is stupid… I can’t believe, mk juggled on Chun-Li…

Night of Fire by Niko I think. It was on Initial D.

Edit: It says it at the end of the video too lol D:

damn i missed it. thanks man

That vid was cool. Comboing into the Seph Wing and off the C.HK in particular :cool:

Well, Evo’s over. I didn’t top 8, but…next year, right?! :rofl:

Anyways, glad everyone seems to like the video! Gill is a monster.

good video :slight_smile: