Gill glitch


How do you get this glitch?

maybe it’s a japanese only glitch… or a beta version or something… does anyone knows something about this?

PS: Bear with my english please :stuck_out_tongue:


im stumped. :confused:
it may be just a console in an arcade box allowing you to pick gill in arcade mode. is he selectable in vs? as that would be a bit unfair. i hope it just aint photo manipulation! :wow:


Maybe they have a cabinet with a Dreamcast in it. He was selectable in the home version. Very broken, too!


I don’t think thats it, if you se the first pic you’ll see that every opponent was Gill for the cpu, so I don’t think is a console allowing you use Gill.


why is this game in a namco cabinet. I smell something rotten.


I know 3s is so close, if not already emulated now. Mabe this has somthing to do with it.