Gill the impossible...........well, for me

yea k, so i’d like to participate in one, yet i can’t fuck’n get gill. I’ve beaten the game with everyone, but i did so by getting to gill using dudly, then dieing to him and switching into whoever i hadn’t beaten gill with yet, and i still can’t access gill, i have all the system pages too…if someone could help…prease prease prease!


just out of curiosity, you do know that Gill is located above Yun and below Yang, right?


you have to beat the game with Gill to get Gill

lol :clap:

i don’t think you can switch characters, you must use the same character

Have you been saving after you beat the game with a character? Cause if you haven’t you gotta do it alllllllll again.

Oh wait you have the system pages… hmmm… do you have all of them, maybe you forgot a character to beat it with.

Yes, you can. That’s how I unlocked Gill. I picked Ken, defeated everybody and when I got to Gill I let him win and then I switched characters. Cheap trick but it does the job. Besides, IMO there’s no point in unlocking Gill other than learning to parry his moves in training mode.

if ur having trouble beating him with everyone id suggest going into options, setting difficulty to one star, the damage to full, and the rounds to 1. that way u beat him in one round its over, no more annoyin resurection. apart from that, if your not sure who you beat it with, just go down the lines and do it again. you can switch characters, thats the cheap way, or you can learn how to lightly use each character as your making your way to gill. once you unlock him, go to yun and then press up on the d-pad or go to yang and press down.:encore:

good shit but change your avatar this is a fighting games web site not SC

oh ya or up on yun and its SK (for short kick) and F( for forwad kick) f that i am not doing all of that

If you aren’t sure which characters you still need to beat Gill with, just check if the extra colours are available in the training mode. Anyone without extra colors has yet to beat Gill.

Yep,I beated the game with all characters but I don’t save every time!(Man,too bad there isn’t any auto save option):tdown: