Gill thread

Yes Gill is a cheap broken pain in the ass motherfucker but for the hell of it if anyone has any good combo’s, pokes, strategies with him, maybe his frame data and match-up’s post 'em. Not that I like Gill or anything, I’m just doing this for the hell of it!

gill has to be the cheapest boss ive ever seen. he has a counter and a combo for everything. i wount even get into strats, just a few “no duh” combos…

c.fp, headbutt, c.fp headbutt- easy, damaging and deals a stupid amount of stun.

(in corner) c.fp x 4, c.fp x headbutt- on the fifth c.fp, you have to cancel the first hit into the headbutt. most stun and damage i could get without super. but with super…

c.fp, headbutt, c.fp, fireball xx angel wings OR meteor- can be done anywhere on screen.

                                   -nf0x  :karate: