OK who else has tried Gill in the PS2 or X-Box version? I know he has some damaging combos, but he doesn’t seem to have any infinites unless the opponent is stunned. What’s your say?

c. fierce x n
Yay for scrubby combos my 10 year old brother can pull off. Sometimes he even throws in a couple of jab headbutts! :clap:


None of the characters have any infinites…:wtf:

I saw a movie with what seemed to be an infinite against gill in the corner using a combination of attacks, including her taunt.

Yes, Ibuki has one infinite. It requires:

  1. Fighting Gill
  2. Who has bar for Resurrection
  3. Was killed by a weak attack
  4. Near corner (not sure if that’s actually required).

Aside from this one exception, no one else has any known infinites (w/o messing w/ system direction).


and i thought… you can almost ALWAYS stun a guy when using gill and then by then your bar charges up and you do that meteor super and it usually kills someone? or am i on crack?

Gill doesn’t even need the super. He has combos that do well over 100% damage on most characters.

I don’t remember exactly how the combo goes. I think it’s in one of SlimX’s vids on . There’s 4, but they’re all worth the download.

It’s in the first SlimX vid. …and yes Gill doesn’t need a super, why Capcom ever gave him supers is beyond me