Gilley at EVO...pulls out some sick shit!

Check out the other Guile fights.

Wow… that announcer is… really annoying. Thank god Gilley’s playing saved the video. :china:

ugh, I gotta watch the whole shit again to rewatch a combo.

That Balrog got shutdown though. Good match.

Don’t think your supposed to put link’s to EVO matches outside of IGN.

Gilley is the captain…i salute to Him!!

Those combos are stunning!

Wow, completely shut down that Boxer…very nice work.

combo’s are sick… a well deserved win.

he is so nasty with guile

he links his Punches with SB in the middle. So awesome. I have a mate who is i think in G1 atm using Boxer (i hate Rog) and he pwns me every time with Rog. Not for long me practice to Guile and hurt him.

he crushed that boxer but i was flabergasted when he missed that FA>> x sb because i got that combo from his video

still he crushed that guy
also that counter heavy punch after the was a really interesting move, i gotta try that later

The television they used on the big screen lagged. Alot of the players complained about it. That’s why I missed that combo 1 out of 2x. Unfortunately the balrog also died before I was about to do something really nasty to him in the corner.

that was a good watch. nice show Gilley

Great match, I think I learned a thing or two.

did you cancel a flashkick into a freakin throw? i finally have one of your combos down to the tee lol. now off to go practice the rest of the 500x combos lol.