Gimme stuff for canopykingdom here plz!


Hey guys this isn’t a plug for the blog but I was actually looking for help from you guys (OUT THERE):

If you have anything you want to see up on the CK blog throw it in this thread! Match videos, tutorials, combo videos, commentary, reviews, fanart, cosplay, fanfiction, whatever.

Also if you have a suggestion for what you think should go on the blog (ANYTHING) let me know!

I’d love to get someone to help me with fanart for the top banner too, haha~

Thanks in advance guys!


Oh, goodie. :3
Well, since Midwest Championships didn’t get much stream coverage, I think that it’d be great if you could put some of the matches from the Skullgirls tournament up on the site. They were uploaded on a few days ago. There aren’t that many videos, but they all feature some really good play.


Hey Chibi,
This doesn’t necessarily apply to “us” (Aka fans, SRK trolls, and people who intentionally go to CK because we know what it is about), but it’d be cool if you had the front page reorganized a bit with an easy to access link for something like “What is Skullgirls?” (Even if it’s just a Friday Night Fight video and a link to their site). One thing that I’ve always taken issue with the blogroll format is how difficult it is to access something said towards the beginning of the blog’s existence, or how easy it is for an explanatory post like that to be lost on a unique hit who doesn’t want to roll through the archives.

In the line of interviews, it would be cool to get in touch with some of the Art team at Reverge and talk about some of the less obvious parts of the process, like how attacks were pitched back and forth (Of course, any production art, if it can be cleared by higher up, would be gdlk), perhaps even the mentality from Design (Mike and Co) for direction of each character’s attacking style. Stuff we’ve heard maybe once before but not in great detail and of interest to both fans of the game and fans purely of the media.

From a more player centric perspective, it’d be cool if I could intuitively search by character through the front page. So if I want to brush up on my Fortune, I can click her icon on the top bar or something and automatically filter a page to come up with Miss Fortune results/videos/etc

The Update schedule is pretty consistent and that’s cool. Podcasts are a thing you’ve mentioned before and it’d be great to see you guys follow through with that. Also, a video series aimed at beginners might be a tall order, but again I think it’d be safe/in your best interest to offer content for the person who stumbles onto CK, finds out “What is Skullgirls?” and has no previous experience (Also, giving more exposure to mechanics like Alpha countering). Having those or things like them be easily accessible from the front page would also kick ass.

I don’t always have this issue because I normally choose to intake CK through my RSS, but your header and top of page is very large. I have to scroll down a half page to get to the first news item. Perhaps you could integrate the title and the banner and reduce its height a bit?

Those are some of the things that come up quickly to me when I’m walking through the site. If anything else thunderbolts me I’ll let you know.


How bout a “these guys are godlike” post or w/e. Let people know who they should be gunning for~


I’ll make you a deal. Whenever I get a damn capture card and make some vids, I’ll post them here first. :slight_smile: