Gimmick Combo's w/ Not So Gimmick Characters

Post some gimmick combo’s w/ not so gimmick characters that don’t mean shit, that you’ll probably never get in a real match. Or ya know, using assists that aren’t as reliable.

here’s one…


(dummy in corner), (cr.hp)launch, Storm®, sj, hp, delay ddf, (hp)throw(away from corner?!), tempest, dhc hailstorm, have fun from there…

sometimes i can catch: lk, lk, LightningAttack, LightningStorm then dhc HSF into much more unneeded damage.

(frosty throw should hit vertical typhoon, then dhc from tempest to hailstorm…lol, using her assist and then dhc’ing into her super… that’s hilarious to me…)

BUMP… none? btw, anyone wasted there time trying mine? :slight_smile:

I dunno about gimmick.

Mags, with opponent in corner, in ROM, sj lk lk ADDF HP grab, before the 2nd bounce ends, launch (5 fierce), land, call storm, walk over NJ.HK cross up on wake up, storm assist starts to hit, SJ ADD (LK LK), sometimes, if you time it right storms assist pushes them just as you are coming down on top of them to the other side, kinda a long stupid cross up that works only sometimes and is never worth it when you could do something else I guess.

after that another 5 fierce or launch to whatever

Is that the one I said sucked? If so, it sucks. <3

^ gets owned by mashed jab. Or anything.

strider gimmicks would blow the roof off this thread.

I’m not sure if this applies to this thread but what are some gimmicks with the teams Santhrax, Matrix, Scrub?